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Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock
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Installation and Testing:

Software Installation

Before we can get started we need to install the software provided by Warpia on the CD in the box. I'm not really going to spend too much time on this section other than to say that installation was pretty simple and we had no issues installing the provided software on Windows 7 x64. It appears that the software automatically detects what version of Windows or Mac you are running and automatically installs the right version so you probably couldn't even screw this up if you tried.

Hardware Installation

For our testing we had the USB adapters about 20 feet apart with a clear line of sight. Warpia claims that these should work up to 30 feet away in the same room (they don't work well, or even at all if you try to use them in different rooms).

Installing the Warpia is pretty easy, plug the adapters into your pc after you finish installing the software and you will get a "USB pairing complete" message. Now you go plug one of the adapters into the Warpia dock and you should then get a software message that says complete and you'll then get a "green" icon in your taskbar. Once you are all connected you can check your settings and you should see a screen like the one below:



Now you're pretty much done, in our testing we found no major issues getting connected. We ran into a couple times when changing resolutions or playing with some of the advanced settings that we had the Warpia disconnect from our TV and weren't able to get it back without rebooting the software or the pc (or just re-seating the USB adapter). Overall it seems like when you get it all hooked up and running you shouldn't have much trouble. I was wondering if we might randomly drop connection over time, however I left this unit running for 4 days and I never once saw it drop connection or flash.


The software included with the Warpia Easy Dock is pretty simple and there really isn't much "tweaking" you can do. I've included a screenshot of the "Advanced Settings". As you can see in the picture below there isn't really much you can change other than the region and channel. Changing the channel was actually useful in our testing as we were using two separate devices at the same time and when put onto their own separate channels we found both units to work great with no interference.



There we go, installation was pretty easy and we got everything working, let's move onto the next section where we compare the Warpia Easy Dock to the IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video Kit.