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Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock
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Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station - Comparison:




Warpia Easy Dock vs. IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video Kit

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While testing the Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station I was a bit worried that I wouldn't really be able to go to in-depth with this unit other than providing a "Yes, it worked" and some thoughts on how well it worked seeing as we've never tested a product like this before and really had nothing to compare it to. Luckily I was able to borrow a IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video Kit and we were able to test both of these units and I'll provide my findings on the differences between these two products.



  • Both allow you to stream Audio and Video from a PC to an external display and external speakers using Wireless USB
  • Both units are very easy to setup, the software of both might be considered "too basic" but for both products it worked as advertised and everything automatically connected.
  • Both units had issues streaming movies at 1440x1050, dropping the resolution helped video playback
  • Both units have an advertised range of 30 feet, both units worked at 20 feet away with no issues.



  • Warpia unit offers 2 USB plugs on receiver and allows you to hook up Keyboard and Mouse (thus making it a "Wireless Docking Station")
  • IOGEAR uses two receivers, one for audio, one for video.
  • Warpia uses on reviewer and Audio, Video, and 2 USB ports all plug into the receiver.


Things I liked more about the Warpia:

  • Only one dock to plug in, simple to hook everything up.
  • The price tag. At ~$150 USD (compared to the ~$250 USD price tag of the IOGEAR) the Warpia is a much better value.
  • Mac and PC compatible.


Things I liked more about the IOGEAR:

  • More cables included. IOGEAR includes a VGA, 2 Audio, USB extension, USB A to mini-B, DVI to VGA adapter
  • Seemed to be a bit "Higher Quality" in its construction.



It's a bit tough to declare a winner between these two products as they both have pro's and con's.

A big factor would probably be price and the Warpia easily edges the IOGEAR product by ~$100 USD which is pretty significant. Seeing as the Warpia can do everything the IOGEAR unit can (and more) chances are good if I was the one in the store buying a product of this nature I'd probably grab the Warpia Easy Dock.