Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station Final Thoughts:

This is the first time we have ever reviewed a "Wireless Audio/Video" product of this nature here at BCCHardware, so probably like most consumers buying this product we had zero experience connecting a product like this so hopefully our findings (and success) with this product is consistent with a first-time buyer. We weren't really sure how to test this product other than "Yes, it works" or "No, it doesn't" so for a good part of this review we compared the Warpia Wireless USB Docking Station to another similar product from IOGEAR (IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video Kit). While these two products are aimed at different markets (Warpia is aimed more at the mobile laptop user wanting to use an external display and the IOGEAR is aimed more at the user who wants to hook their computer up to a TV) we found that both offered similar features and it was very interesting to be able to compare these products to each other and find out just what the differences were.

Setup and installation of the Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station was pretty simple. The software that is included is pretty straight-forward and works like it was supposed to and we were up and running in under 10 minutes from start to finish. We ran into a couple times where we lost display to the Warpia unit while trying to change screen resolutions and changing other settings, however a simple reboot fixed those issues and once we got the unit configured to our liking we found that things ran quite smoothly. Windows 7 allowed us to run our external display at 1440x1050 and for simple web surfing and basic tasks it was acceptable but a little on the choppy side when moving the mouse around (Warpia recommends using 720p resolutions of 1280x720 for best performance although it does support resolutions of up 1440x1050). When we dropped the resolution down a bit lower (1024x768) we found things to be a bit smoother during video playback (Windows 7 wouldn't let us set our resolution to exactly 1280x720).

Now let's talk about value. At ~$150 USD for this wireless USB dock my initial thoughts were that it was a bit high on the price, however after looking around for comparable devices (such as the IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video kit that we compared this device to which retails for ~$250 USD and doesn't have as many features), we found the Warpia Wireless USD Laptop Docking Station to be a good price. Chances are good devices such as the Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Dock can be found online for a bit cheaper so if you keep your eyes out I'd assume you could probably snag this device for ~$125 USD.

When comparing this product to the IOGEAR Wireless Audio/Video kit we found one of the biggest differences (other than the price) to be the lack of included cables that come with the Warpia. We aren't going to dock the Warpia any points for this as the price is about $100 dollars cheaper than the IOGEAR, but for someone wanting to hook this wireless dock up to a TV like we did you will need to get a VGA and Audio cable to get that accomplished. Also a USB extension cable (like the one included with the IOGEAR unit) would be a welcome addition so that you can better position the wireless dongle that connects to your PC.

At the end of the day if you have the need for this product you probably won't be disappointed with the Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station. Overall it was pretty easy to setup and use and when compared to other products that offer similar features it is definitely less expensive. If you have a laptop that you want to be able to wirelessly connect to an external screen, keyboard, and mouse, the Warpia Wireless USB Laptop Docking Station might just be the product you've been looking for.



  • Easy Software Installation
  • Easy Setup
  • Competitive Price
  • Works as advertised



  • Lack of included cables (no vga cable, no audio cable)




I'd like to thank Warpia for sending us the Easy Dock. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.