Nettalk Duo - VOIP Home Phone

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Nettalk Duo - VOIP Home Phone
Setup, Installation and Usage

Product: netTALK Duo  
Provided By: netTALK

Price: $69.95 MSRP



Today we'll be taking a look at the NetTalk Duo. This is the latest in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) communications products from Nettalk.  If you turn on the television or radio for 5 minutes I'm sure you'll here some phone company claiming to have the lowest price on this and that, and all you have to do is sign a contract.  This contract that probably has a $300 early termination fee and after 6 months or a year later your introductory price will double.

Box of netTALK Duo

I say "Stop! I don't want to hear anymore! Just give me something that works and is inexpensive."  The NetTalk Duo may be the answer to all of our problems. The NetTalk Duo costs only $69.95 and that is including a full year of phone calls in the United States and Canada.  This price lowers to $29.95 for each additional year.


Out of the box:

The first thing that caught my eye of the NetTalk Duo is it's unique shape. It is rectangular with a curved front, square back and rounded edges. It almost reminds me of a tiny exotic sports car. The ultra-high gloss black finish with the chrome accents gives it a low profile futuristic look as well. The NetTalk Duo is about the size of flip open cell phone and will take up almost no space on your desk.

Product Shot
Out Of The Box


Features and More:

The following information has been pulled from the NetTalk Duo product page and posted here for your convenience.


  • Plug n’ Play (requires activation)
  • Color - Black & Chrome
  • Phone Jack (RJ-11)
  • Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • Mini USB
  • AC Adapter (UL): 100v ˜ 240v Power via AC Adapter or USB to computer system.

Physical Specs:

  • 2.7 inch x 1.5 inch x 0.9 inch
  • < 1 lb (including packaging and cables)

Included in the package:

  • One netTALK DUO (CE and FCC approved)
  • Power adapter with regionally appropriate connector
  • 3-foot USB to Mini A connector
    • Used to connect to power adapter or to computer USB port
  • 3-foot Ethernet cable to connect to modem or router
  • Quickstart Guide