ASRock 890FX Deluxe 4 Motherboard - Real World Application Benchmarks

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ASRock 890FX Deluxe 4 Motherboard
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Cinebench 11.5:

It's no secret that 3D Rendering and modeling through programs like 3DStudioMax, Blender and others are very CPU intensive.  Of course with all the stream processors available in today's graphics cards, some of heavy workload is now being offloaded to the GPU, but a good 3D program can bring a system to its knees - especially when rendering lighting effects and very smooth models.  We've put the latest Cinebench 11.5 to the test and dropped the older versions as part of our updated motherboard testing suite.  This program lists results for the CPU as well as OpenGL performance which relies heavily on the graphics system.



As previously mentioned, this is a new version for us at BCCHardware and we'll be able to compare other systems with these results soon.

Next up we have a look at x.264HD.  This little program converts a 30 second MPG movie clip into the H.264 codec as fast as possible.  This program is multi-threaded and pushes systems to 100% CPU load very easily.  We have results posted from other systems for your enjoyment.  Keep in mind that the results are listed in FPS (frames per second) and faster is better.

(Click for full-sized chart)


The AMD system can keep up with more expensive Intel Core i7 systems at stock speeds, but the extra overclocking headroom on the Intel side of things takes the cake when comparing overclocked numbers.