BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset - Pairing, Testing and Q2 Conclusion

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BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset
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Pairing, Testing and Q2 Conclusion

Pairing - Installation:

Installation of the BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset is really very simple.  You have two ways to pair the headset with your device.  The "analog" way is to put the unit into pairing mode by simply hold the MFB (Multi-Function Button) for one second when the unit is idle.  This will cause the indicator LED to flash rapidly to let you know it is ready to be paired with.  Once this is done, you can search for the device with your favorite Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA, media player or laptop.  You may then be prompted for a passkey which is 0000 by default.  The new "digital" way is to turn on the headset with the physical switch and then quickly press the MFB and say "Pair Me".  The headset will then walk you through the pairing process - which is identical to the "analog" way.  Pair mode can be initiated by voice or by a one-second button push - your choice.


Testing the Q2:

So we see that the Q2 has a ton of features and lots of functions and capability according to the "Button Function Matrix".  Things have changed a bit in terms of button presses now that there is an additional switch to turn the unit on and off.  Still, many of these functions are also available by Voice Command.



Function, Features & Comfort:

As we mentioned earlier this device is long on features and functions.  The headset will allow you to answer/end a call as well as reject callers if you're busy - all with your voice.  It will also allow you to redial the last number you call, the last number that called you, transfer calls from the headset directly to your mobile device - all with your voice.  This headset also supports call waiting and conference calling as well as the obvious volume controls.  You can even turn off the blinking LED or even disable Voice Control.  

As far as comfort goes, the BlueAnt Q2 seems to be one of the most comfortable headsets I've worn.  It has the same styling and earpiece as the Q1 and fits very nicely.


Sound Quality:

Regardless of the functionality or the comfort of a headset, all would be totally lost if it didn't sound good.  While I don't expect this to be hi-fi by any means, the voice quality should be clear without undue hissing or popping.  I'm pleased to say that the BlueAnt has continued their tradition of good sound quality in the Q2.  I could hear voices clearly and distinctly and the volume range is excellent.  It can be turned up to an uncomfortably loud level for use in noisy environments and turned down whisper quiet for use in more peaceful surroundings.  On the mic side of things, it is a similar story.  The mic seems to work well and pick up voices nicely.  The wind cancellation feature of the Q2 seems to work pretty well.  When driving in a vehicle with the window rolled down, callers could hear additional noise, but not the overpowering wind effect you get from other headsets.

You don't have to take our word for it though; you can download a recording of the mic in use when connected by Bluetooth to my Thinkpad T410 Laptop.  Get the MP3 file here.  I used Audacity to record the audio and it is not as clear as it appears to be when making an actual call.  I let my wife listen to this sample and compare it to when I call her, and she says the actual voice call is better than my recording.  Also, keep in mind that this was made with a window down while driving in a vehicle at about 20 miles an hour.


Range & Battery Life:

BlueAnt claims the Bluetooth v2.1 + standard will provide range of up to 10m (30ft.).  This seems to be pretty standard and the Q2 lived up to and exceeded those claims.  At 25 - 30 feet there would be some static if a wall was between the phone and the connected Q2.  In a perfect outdoor to outdoor environment, I was able to extend the range to 50 feet and still get great call quality.

BlueAnt claims that the Q2 will last around 5 hours of talk time and 100 hours in standby.  I've noticed slightly better battery life personally, but not a lot.  While 5 hours of calling will get you through a day, the inclusion of A2DP audio streaming means that you can use this headset to listen to audio from your phone.  I've used it to listen to Audio Books from my Android device as well as stream music over 3G using the QNAP.  In these situations I can drain the battery before the day is done, but for most people, this won't be an issue.  Charging the headset may take up to 4 hours, but in my experience it takes about 2.5 hours when charged with either the USB cable or the standard wall charger.


Voice Control:

One of the cool features Q2 is the voice control feature.  This is virtually identical to the voice control found on the BlueAnt Q1.  While no voice recognition is perfect - it works pretty good in most situations.  It does have a "sensitivity" setting that allows it to learn and forgive a few of your speech idiosyncrasies.  Often, instead of asking you to try again, it will usually try and guess at what you mean and initiate that command.  I suppose this is better than some voice telling you "I don't understand - please try again" over and over.



This is our fifth BlueAnt headset we've looked at here at BCCHardware, and for the most part things keep getting better and better.  The Q2 is the evolution of their dual-mic noise cancellation technology and the new "Wind Armor" technology as well as Automatic Gain Control really helps keep things working smooth without any intervention during a call.  I really like the design changes on the Q2 and am still a big fan of the voice control software.  While there are flaws, you can rest assured that BlueAnt will release updates to the firmware in order to fix issues and enhance the product.  They are one of the few companies in the world that still offer customer service.  Much like earlier BlueAnt products, the Q2 can connect to 8 devices and remember pairing information for each.  In addition, the Q2 offers true multipoint connectivity and you can keep the headset connected to a couple of phones at one time as well as their address books separate.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good Noise Isolation DSP
  • Pairs with eight devices
  • Actively connects to two devices at once.
  • Voice command reminders can be accessed by pressing the button then saying "What can I say".
  • Frequent firmware updates, enhance product and resolve issues.
  • Excellent receiving audio quality and can be used to listen to A2DP audio.


  • Voice recognition is not accurate in noisy environments.
  • Noise Isolation cannot be tweaked.


The Q2 is my favorite BlueAnt headset so far.  It features good noise suppression, voice control, range and attractive style - all are excellent features that work very well.  I also love the fact that I can listen to streaming Bluetooth audio without wires.  Granted, having a book read in one ear all day may get old, but it is still a great, flexible feature.





If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.  We'd love to hear your feedback.