Samsung MD230X3 Eyefinity 3x1 Display - MD230X3 Features and Specs

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Samsung MD230X3 Eyefinity 3x1 Display
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The following information has been pulled from the Samsung product page for the MD230X3 and posted here for your convenience.  For all the details and latest information, please check out the product page.

The Samsung SyncMaster MD Series enables to you to enjoy an expansive visual experience. Up to 6 monitors can be set - up on one stand, creating a seamless multi - display environment that allows you to appreciate a truly panoramic point of view.

Wide Setup

The ultimate multi-display for ultimate multi-tasking
With the Samsung MD series you can increase your productivity—just like Bill Gates did : “On my desk I have three screens, synchronized to form a single desktop…Once you have that large display area, you’ll never go back, because it has a direct impact on productivity.” (Fortune, April 2006). And since the Samsung MD series is easy to set up you won’t have to waste money on costly monitors, graphic cards, PCs, and cables. It’s also available in bundles of three and six and includes a unique stand you can customize. Experience the ultimate all-encompassing view whether you’re a power gamer or power player.

A commanding view is right before your eyes
The Samsung MD series guarantees your view is seamless with a bezel that’s seriously super-thin. In fact, the total width is only slightly more than 15.2 mm while the total top to bottom width is only 17.6 mm. The displays are easy to connect and with a slim frame, your view isn’t obstructed by a bezel. That means you’ll see a smooth picture across multiple screens—and a spectacular view right in front of your eyes.

A customized, multi-display set in a box
With three MD series packages to choose from it’s easy to select the multi-display that’s right for you. Not sure which one is right for you? The MD230 single screen is available. Ready to multi-task with a multi-display? The MD230X3 includes three screens and the option to easily switch between landscape and portrait. Interested in the ultimate multi-display unit? The MD230X6 comes with six high-performance screens.

Flexible, customizable multi-display solution
Each MD series display includes an ergonomic, custom stand which gives you total flexibility to play games, watch movies or design graphics just the way you want. It’s height adjustable up to 100 mm and includes a hinge that tilts inward at 30°. The stand even lets you assemble your multi-display in landscape or portrait form. How’s that for a design that adapts to your needs?

Brilliant picture quality everywhere you look
Complete your multi-display experience with the highest picture quality you can get—full HD. The MD series offers a stunningly clear picture thanks to an incredible 3000 : 1 static contrast ratio and a 150000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio. And with a wide angle view of 178° / 178°, the picture looks razor-sharp from every direction.

Enjoy multi-control with a single controller
Take multitasking to new levels with this multi-control pad which lets you control up to six monitors. You can adjust the picture’s brightness and contrast, and even optimize the picture settings for editing a document, surfing the Internet, playing games, watching sports or movies.

Connect every monitor—with only one outlet
Worried you won’t have enough outlets to hook up every display? No problem—the MD series features a simple power connection. A daisy chain connects every monitor so you’ll only have one power cord to plug in.




Thankfully, Samsung has actually used some non-inflated specifications on this display.   They claim the standard contrast ratio is 3000:1 (which we'll test), and the screens have an 8ms response time.  Thankfully, the viewing angle is quite wide at 178 degrees, and this is very important for wide display setups.



On the next page we'll jump into technical testing before we jump into some games and see how it performs.