Microsoft Keynote @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - Microsoft Keynote 2011

CES 2011 is almost underway and one of the events that help kick off CES each year is the Microsoft Keynote speech delivered by none other then Steve Balmer. Microsoft has had a strong year thanks to the performance of their XBOX 360 and Kinect platform as well as their new Windows Mobile 7 platform.

Microsoft's Kinect device for the XBOX 360 was one of the "hottest" gifts for Christmas 2010 and in the first 30 days of release they moved over 8 million units (obviously Microsoft was very happy with that and focused a good amount of time highlighting the Kinect platform). Microsoft announced that they are going to be working with ESPN, Netflix, and Hulu Plus to integrate their content into the Kinect system and allow you to control Netflix and Hulu Plus with voice and gesture-based commands. Kinect is definitely an area that Microsoft is excited about and they will be working hard to continue to release more titles and more content that takes advantage of the Kinect technology in 2011.


Wide Shot at Keynote
Microsoft Keynote 2011 - Steve Balmer
Steve Ballmer
Microsoft Keynote 2011 - Steve Balmer


Windows Mobile 7 is another area which Microsoft wanted to show off during their keynote speech. Released only a couple months ago Microsoft has already experienced decent growth in the mobile market and thanks to their partnership with several mobile manufacturers they've now got a decent number of phones that features the Windows Mobile 7 operating system.

Microsoft announced that in the coming months they will be working with Sprint and Verizon to bring their Windows Mobile 7 phones to their networks which will give consumers even more options if they want to experience the Windows Mobile 7 platform.

Nothing too major was announced in regards to Windows Mobile 7, however they have said they are working on adding more functions as well as "optimizing" the platform to make things run even faster.


Windows Phone 7 Demo
Microsoft Keynote 2011 - Windows Phone 7 Demo


Windows 7 has now been on the market for over a year and has experienced very positive feedback and that was highlighted during the presentation, especially since it has gained 20% market share in a little over a year.

One of the most interesting parts of Microsoft's presentation was they demonstrating "The Next Windows" operating system which included "System on a Chip" technology. The basis of this technology is that Microsoft is working with CPU and hardware companies to integrate "The Next Windows OS" into their products and run the OS from a built-in chip without the need to load your OS onto a hard drive or other storage device. Microsoft has been working with the big names of the CPU world, AMD, Intel, ARM, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm all were mentioned and some of their "prototypes" were showcased.


Hardware Partners for Next-Gen Windows
Microsoft Keynote 2011 - Hardware Partners
Snapdragon Platform
Microsoft Keynote 2011 - Snapdragon Platform


That pretty much sums up the Microsoft keynote speech from CES 2011, we will provide a link to the full keynote when it becomes available.

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