Sceptre @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - Sceptre

On day 1 of CES 2011 we had the chance to stop by and see what the folks at Sceptre have been up to. It's been quite a while since we've taken a close look at Sceptre's products and today we got a nice overview of some of Sceptre's products they are focusing on in 2011.

One of the first products we had the chance to see was Sceptre's 65" 3D LCD TV. Sceptre has decided to go with polarized glasses instead of the more expensive active shutter glasses. The savings on the glasses alone are quite significant and using polarized glasses makes it a whole lot easier to have a bunch of people all watching 3D content at the same time. In our demo of Sceptre's 3D TV the quality was very decent and the price difference between other 3D TV setups could be significant.


65" 3D TV
Sceptre 2011 - 65" 3D TV
Affordable 3D Glasses
Sceptre 2011 - Passive (Polarized) 3D Glasses



Sceptre was also showing off some of their LCD TVs that featured a new "brushed aluminum" look to them. While the aluminum might attract more fingerprints it is a nice change from black.

Also being shown off was Sceptre's lineup of colorful computer LCD's. While the pink and red colors might not be for everyone they are also a nice change from traditional black. Sceptre has also just recently released a "aluminum" colored LCD display which is also being displayed.


TV Designs & Finishes
Sceptre 2011 - LCD TV's
Colorful LCDs
Sceptre 2011 - Colorful LCD's



Also being displayed was Sceptre's All-In-One PC. This unit features desktop grade components and have a bit of a "Mac" feel to it. Sceptre also has released a Wireless HDMI receiver. The range on this unit is about 30 meters.


Scepter All-in-One PC
Sceptre 2011 - All-In-One PC
Wirless HDMI
Sceptre 2011 - Wireless HDMI


Another interesting product that Sceptre has been working on is their mini projector. This small unit naturally isn't the brightest or the highest resolution projector but its portability is pretty tough to beat. This little guy is small enough to fit in your pocket and features enough battery power to watch 1 hour of video without having to be plugged in (5 hours of music). MSRP is approx. $169.99 and features customized skins if you aren't a fan of white (pictured below).


Mini Projector
Sceptre 2011 - Mini Projector


While Sceptre might not have been showing off anything groundbreaking they do offer great products at a great value and once again have shown this at CES 2011.

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