Steelseries and Sandisk @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - Sandisk

On day 2 we had the chance to stop by Sandisk and take a quick look at some of their new products for 2011.

Sandisk has announced a couple of new addition to their Cruzer lineup of flash drive, introducing the Cruzer Blade and Cruzer Slice flash drives. The Cruzer Blade is a more "entry level" flash drive and features capacities up to 16GB in a small form factor that can easily be attached to your keychain. The Cruzer Edge is a bit more sturdy but still has a nice small size and can easily attach to your keychain so you don't lose it.

Also announced was the new Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB Compact Flash drive. Featuring 100 MB/s write speeds this card will probably be added to the avid photographers wish list.

Sandisk also was showing off their Fuze + media player which can use Sandisk's slotRadio and slotMusic cards. The Fuze + features touch buttons and a few new interface updates.


128GB CF 100MB/sec
Sandisk 2011 - 128GB Compact Flash Card
Sandisk Media
Sandisk 2011 - Fuze + Media Player



Sandisk also has a lineup of SSD drives which most recently have been included in the new ASUS Slate AP121 tablet PC (you can see our coverage of the Slate AP121 over here). Sandisk is working on a bunch of SSD related products and one would assume that 2011 should be a pretty good year for their SSD drives.


SSDs for Tablets
Sandisk 2011 - SSD Power!!!


CES 2011 - Steelseries

Steelseries has a couple of new products that they've announced at CES 2011 and we had the chance to sit down and take a bit of a closer look.

The first product released was the Steelseries 7XB Wireless headset designed for the XBOX. This is the first wireless headset from Steelseries and features a whole bunch of cool options that any gamer will appreciate. The 7XB is a nice headset and durability shouldn't be a problem as you can see in one of the pictures below this headset can be twisted to some strange shapes without any problems.


7XB Prototype
Steelseries 2011 - 7XB "Prototype"
Steelseries 2011 - 7XB Getting Bent


The sample that we took a look at is still a "prototype" and may look a bit different at launch (it will look more like the image below). At launch Steelseries is aiming at a $149.99 USD MSRP which should be very competitive for a high quality wireless headset.

Actual Product Shot
Steelseries 2011 - 7XB Headset (Actual Product Image)


Another product that Steelseries was showing off is the newly improved version of their Neckband headset that is now iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible. This new headset features the Apple volume control and phone controls built into the cord which allows for easy adjustment and call receiving. This product is of course also compatible with non-Apple products and features a retractable microphone.


Behind-The-Neck for Apple
Steelseries 2011 - Steelseries Siberia Neckband for iPhone, iPod and iPad


That about raps it up for Steelseries, for more information on all Steelseries products makes sure to check out there website over here.

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