Thermaltake at CES 2011

Thermaltake Suite Visit at CES 2011

We've worked with Thermaltake quite a bit over the past few years and it is always nice to stop in for a visit and see what is new.   This year they were showing off Power Supplies that rate up to 1350W for North American use as well as some coolers, a couple of new cases and coolers and storage solutions.

They are also bringing up their eSPORTS line to include a great mechanical keyboard gaming keyboard and even some good gaming headsets.  Thermaltake has always been committed to the gaming community and now their growing eSPORTS line addresses the distinct needs of these consumers.  I don't think they've actually had a product in their eSPORTS be a flop.  They do their research before they invest a lot of money in releasing a product.  A few years ago, we expected a whole new series from Thermaltake every month.  Thankfully they've slowed down and are now really refining their products.


One product they've really refined is their high-end Level 10 chassis that they released last year.  That original case was more of a tech demo showcasing what can be done.  It was a pain to build in, and offered a lot of different challenges.  It also provided a great and very distinct platform for many companies to show their wares.  This year, they've brought a much more consumer friendly version to market that offers some component separation but still manages to be somewhat usable.

New Sweet Case
New Case
Side Opened
Side Open


On the Lifestyle side of things is the Luxa2 lineup and these products are geared toward consumers that aren't necessarily technical.  They all have something to do with technology or are technology accessories.  It is a bit sad to me to see that they are starting to become Apple accessories.  Still, you build and market for a product line that is strong, and Apple certainly has a strong following.  It will be interesting to see some more of their audio products now that Luxa2 is doing headphones.

 Luxa2 Gear


There was certainly a lot more to see in the Thermaltake Suite, so make sure you check out  the full Day 1 Gallery from CES 2011 here.  As always, please check out the rest of our CES 2011 coverage as it is still growing!

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