Plextor and LiteOn at CES 2011

Plextor and LiteOn at CES 2011

BCCHardware has been working with Plextor since 2004 and the good old days of the $800 Plextor PX-504A which was 4x DVD+R Writer.  Things have changed a bit for this company as they merged with LiteOn and actually sacrificed some of their premium products to bring the prices down to a very competitive level.  They still have the best warranty in the business - last time I looked and still have a full selection of optical storage drives for DVD and Blu-Ray.

I think what caught our eye this year was their PX-NAS4 box and their upcoming PlexConnect package.

Plextor NAS


The PX-NAS4 features a Marvel 1.2GHz processor and hardware RAID that should give it pretty decent performance.  It won't be as speedy as a the QNAP TS-459 Pro+, but it should be a whole lot faster than the Patriot Valkyrie and the D-Link DNS-323.  The Plextor unit can be found for $400 (or less) making it a very decent price in this four-bay market.


The PlexConnect is honestly nothing too special in terms of functionality.  It's Plextors version of the Wireless HDMI extender - and this one can do 3D Blu-Ray.  That is actually pretty impressive as it takes a lot of bandwidth, but application for a box like this is pretty limited.

Plextor is also working on a SATA III (6Gbps) drive and it should be available later in the 1Q of this year.  They showed off some performance, but for a SATA III drive, it wasn't all that fast.  We'll have to see how it shapes up as it gets closer to the retail launch.

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