OCZ @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - OCZ

We had the chance to check out what OCZ has been up to and they've got some great products ready to go for 2011.

OCZ is probably most well known for their memory products, but this year at CES the big releases from OCZ is mainly in the SSD market. Most consumers that have been shopping for an entry level SSD have probably given the Vertex line of SSD's some consideration (you can read our review of the Vertex 2 here). The new Vertex 3 SSD lineup was announced that is based on the SATA III standard which offer some significant speed improvements over the Vertex 2 drives.


OCZ SSD Lineup
OCZ 2011 - SSD Lineup
4TB 5.25" SSD
OCZ 2011 - 4TB SSD


OCZ also has a lineup of "Enterprise Level" SSD's which have some pretty crazy specs and sizes (and of course much more expensive). OCZ was showing off some of their SSD's that have up to 2TB of SSD storage on a PCIe card which are all in RAID and offer some crazy performance aimed at the server market. One of the "Prototypes" they were showing off (pictured above, right) was a SSD built into a 5 1/4" drive bay and had 4TB of storage (and could even fit more if price was no option). Most of these enterprise level drives are priced way out of most consumers (even consumers with deep pockets) but its neat to see just how fast these drives have become.


Enterprise PCIe SSD
OCZ 2011 - PCIe SSD
Major SSD Speed
OCZ 2011 - SSD Speed


OCZ of course has their lineup of power supply and memory products, both of which feature some new "updated" models for 2011.


PSU Lineup
OCZ 2011 - Power Supply Lineup
RAM Lineup
OCZ 2011 - OCZ Memory


That pretty much raps up our visit to OCZ at CES 2011, as far as SSD's go at CES 2011 I think OCZ had some of the fastest and if price was no issue you could build a pretty impressive system with some of their new technologies.

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