Hands On ASUS' Tablets

Hands on the ASUS Slate and Eee Tablets

We covered the ASUS press conference on January 4th, and managed to get some time to play with these Tablets - albeit in a very crowded atmosphere.  ASUS had a side room setup at the Venetian where people could come and try out their latest products - both from this year and even a few from last year.  Jason and I tried to shove our way inside and take a look.

ASUS Eee Slate
ASUS Slate
Slate Connectivity


The ASUS Slate features a full Core i5 processor, comes available with either 2GB of 4GB of DDR3 and a 32GB or 64GB SSD and runs Windows 7.  It is a little thicker than I had hoped, but with all of the hardware inside, it will need a decent battery to power it as well as cool the CPU.  As you can see, there are a few connectivity options and the Slate will ship with a Bluetooth keyboard and a stand.  It looks like a pretty solid bundle. 

The next two tablets that ASUS is promoting hard are they Slider and Transformer Eee Tablets.  These have the same panel, run the same version of Android and have virtually all of the same features.  The difference is that the slider is thicker and has a keyboard permanently attached while the Transformer is thinner, but can dock with a notebook keyboard.  Both look pretty classy and offer a few different benefits and drawbacks. 

Eee Pad Slider
Eee Pad Transformer


We didn't get a chance to play with the ASUS MeMO, but are hoping to get some hands on in the future.  In the end, all of these Tablets from ASUS are very high quality and if you are looking for something Android or even Windows, and want a high quality device, it looks like these are your best options at the moment.

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