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Zalman @ CES 2011
More Zalman CES Goodness

Zalman was also showing off some other their other products which included a new lineup of video card coolers and fans. Zalman has been doing video card coolers for a while but these new products being shown off will be compatible with the new cards from both NVIDIA and ATI.

Also being shown off were Zalman's new power meters that will allow you to monitor just how much power your system is using, these monitors can be mounted in an empty 5 1/4" bay or pretty much anywhere else you have some room.


VGA Coolers
Zalman 2011 - VGA Coolers
Other Products
Zalman 2011 - Fans and Power Monitors


Zalman has also announced a new case in their GS lineup, the new GS 1200 case. We've taken a look at the previous version which was the GS 1000+ (our full review can be found here). The new GS 1200 case features improved cooling and a new hot-swap drive bay on the top of the case for easy hard drive docking.


GS-1200 Case
Zalman 2011 - GS 1200 Case
HTPC Action
Zalman 2011 - HTPC Case


While the GS 1200 case is a bit more on the high end of cases, Zalman has also released their Z9 case which is aimed at a sub-$100 dollar price range. Zalman doesn't want it to be referred to as a "budget" case because they've gone to great lengths to ensure a top quality product with high end features, so we'll just refer to it as a "sub-$100 dollar case".


Z9 Plus
Zalman 2011 - Z9 Case
Inside the Z9
Zalman 2011 - Inside the Z9 Case


Zalman has also been working on their 3D monitor lineup, and this year they were showing off a 24 inch and a 32 inch at CES 2011. The 24 Inch model is currently available (although due to demand they have become back ordered), however the 32 inch model is still at the "prototype" stage (so don't expect to see it in store anytime soon).


Zalman 32" LCD Sample
Zalman 2011 - 32" 3D LCD
Zalman 2011 - Zalman 3D LCD


That concludes our visit to Zalman at CES 2011, they've got a bunch of new products that you should be seeing on store shelves in 2011 and we look forward to taking a closer look throughout the year.

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