Zotac @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - Zotac

This year at Zotac was showing off quite a lineup of new products. We've been getting press release after press release from Zotac so we knew that they were going to have a bunch of new products to show us at their suite.

Zotac has a lineup of HTPC devices which they have called their Z-Box line. This year they were showing off their latest revision of the Z-Box which features a built-in Blu-Ray player. Zotac also has a version available with just a DVD player as well as both an Intel and AMD version.


Z-Box with Blu-Ray
Zotac 2011 - Z-Box with Blu-Ray
Zotac 2011 - Z-box


Probably the biggest announcements from Zotac are from their ITX board lineup. Zotac was showing off their latest Sandy Bridge ITX board which features all the options you'd expect from a motherboard all in a much smaller size.


H67ITX-A-E Rear IO
Zotac 2011 - ITX Board
Sandy Bridge ITX
Zotac 2011 - Sandy Bridge ITX


Zotac has ITX boards from both AMD and Intel, pictured below (left) is one featuring the ION chipset. Zotac also was showing off one of their boards that features on-board power and all you need to do it plug a power brick into it (no big power supply necessary).


Passive ION ITX
Zotac 2011 - Passive ION ITX
On-board Power
Zotac 2011 - On-board Power


Zotac also had a new Nano ITX board on display and as you can see below its a pretty small unit. This Nano ITX system is aimed more at the digital signage market, but there are a bunch of potential applications where a unit of this size would come in handy.


Nano-ITX System
Zotac 2011 - Nano ITX
Zotac 2011 - Nano ITX


Zotac of course also has a full lineup of NVIDIA video cards. Their AMP! lineup of cards features Zalman aftermarket cooling or the traditional NVIDIA cooler. The Zalman cooler takes up 3 bay slots while the traditional cooler takes up only 2, either way Zotac has you covered. Zotac was showing off their new NVIDIA GTX 580 card which was just recently announced.


Graphics Lineup
Zotac 2011 - AMP! Video Cards
GTX 470 AMP! with Zalman Cooling
Zotac 2011 - AMP! Video Cards


That about raps up Zotac at CES 2011, if you would like to find out more about Zotac and their new products head on over to their website.

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