Zalman Z9 Plus Mid-Tower Case

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Zalman Z9 Plus Mid-Tower Case
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Product: Zalman Z9 Plus Case
Provided By: Zalman
Price: As low as $57 Online at time of publication



Today we are taking a look at a brand new product from Zalman - the Z9 Plus mid-tower case. It is an entry level case that sells at a very reasonable MSRP of about $70 in the United States.

Zalman is a well-known manufacturer of PC components like cases, power supplies, and CPU coolers. 

Z9 Box
Z9 Box


First Impression:

The Zalman Z9 Plus mid-tower case is packaged as you would expect. It is shipped in the standard cardboard box surrounded by some Styrofoam, which does a great job of keeping everything in pristine condition. The Z9 Plus chassis is constructed of stamped steel along with both side panels. The front and top of the Z9 Plus is constructed of plastic with metal mesh inserts.

The first thing you notice after unpacking the Z9 Plus is the aggressive styling. In the front, it has a 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x 3.5mm microphone jack, 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack, an HDD indicator LED, a reset button, a fan controller (which we will dive more into later) and a temperature display. The front of the Z9 Plus also has three openings for 5.25” optical drives.

On top, the Z9 Plus is the main power button along with a metal mesh covered area for exhaust fans.


Fan Controller Case Top On
Front and Top of Z9 Plus



The left side panel of the Z9 Plus has some more mesh for ventilation along with some clear areas for seeing all the goodies inside. It also comes with one blue 120mm fan installed and a space for an additional 120mm fan. The right side panel is solid.

Case Profile
Left Side
Case Profile
Right Side


The bottom of the Z9 Plus has nice wide feet for it to rest on along with a filtered intake area where you can mount an additional 120mm fan and a louvered intake opening for the bottom mounted power supply.  The rear of the Z9 Plus has 1 x 120mm fan installed at the top. It also is fitted with apertures for water cooling along with the normal openings for mother board and power supply. It also has seven PCI expansion slots and a meshed area for ventilation.

Case Bottom
Case Bottom - Feet
Case Rear
Case Rear


On the next page we'll take a closer look inside before we cover the specifications and install a system in the case.