Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W PSU - Closer Look, Features and Specs

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Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W PSU
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Closer Look:

Cooler Master makes very professional products and the overall finish on the SPG is very good.  The package is tidy and the PSU has a nice matte finish that prevents a bunch of fingerprints from marring the overall appearance of the unit.  As I mentioned previously, I'm not a fan of the color of the modular connectors on this PSU, but that is more of a personal preference issue than anything I can discount in terms of score.  The Molex and SATA connectors use the same 5-pin connector that plugs in the PSU - although the 3.3v line is missing from the Molex connectors.  The rear grill is well done and is very open - allowing for unrestricted airflow as it exists the housing.  The PSU is cooled by a single ultra-quiet 135mm Fan.

PSU Profile
PSU Profile - Label Side
Modular Connectors
Modular Connectors
PSU Profile
PSU Profile - Fan Side
Rear Grill
Rear Grill



The following list of features from Cooler Master is pretty inclusive and they do a good job of keeping the consumer informed as to what they are getting with their product.  When you are spending $160 for a 1000W PSU it's always comforting to know what you are getting.  Please make sure to head on over and check out the full and always-updated information at the Cooler Master SPG PSU page here.

  • Patent Technologies:
    • Heat Transfer Technology™:
      A unique "L-shaped" heat-sink to remove heat from the PSU.
    • Hybrid Transformer™:
      Unique design that combines heat-sink with transformer.
    • Hyper Path™:
      Places IC close to transformers leading to huge efficiency ratings.
  • Flat modularized cables provide easy cable management leads to better airflow.
  • Compliance with the latest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3.
  • Operation with intelligent fan speed control.
  • High reliability (MTBF> 100,000 hours).
  • Double Layer EMI Filter retrains noise and to avoid affect to users.
  • Integrating Active PFC with PWN combo controller while increase efficiency.
  • Multiple protection design (OVP/UVP/OPP/OTP/SCP/OCP).
  • Japanese-made capacitors.
  • Single +12V rail up to 82A.
  • Five-year warranty.





There are times when the PSU itself differs from the specifications on the box and the website so we have posted both the specs from the website as well as the rail specs taken from the PSU itself.





PSU Label


Cooler Master claims the PSU can handle a 1000W "Output Capacity" with a maximum "Output Capacity" of 1200W.  I take that to mean that the PSU should be able to handle 1000W continuous load.  If we do the math on this PSU we'll see that the 3.3v and 5v lines are rated a little conservative.  I added up a total output of 197.6W instead of the 150W rated by Cooler Master.  When we move up to the large 82A +12v line, we find that they nail it down at 984W - just as the math shows.  The -12v line is right on as is the +5Vsb line.  In the end, the only lines they rate "conservatively are the combine 3.3v and 5v lines.  Still, these total 1202.7W - which reaches the "Maximum Output Capacity" of this PSUs rating.  It will be interesting to see how it holds up now that we can pull an insane amount of power out of this PSU.