Intel P4 560 (3.6GHz LGA775) Processor

Shane over at Bjorn3D takes a look at the latest and greatest processor from Intel.  It's labeled as the Pentium 4 560, and it comes clocked at a whopping 3.6GHz.  Unfortunately, Intel has had to lengthen their pipelines even further to get these CPU's to scale "faster", and while they are clocked higher and higher, performance is not linear.  Either way, it's a smoking chip.

"When Intel first introduced the new Socket T (LGA 775) processors and motherboards, I was really intrigued by the pin-less processor. Never mind the general heat issues with Prescott CPUs and apparent disappointing performance of the new chipsets, I wanted to check out one of these new processors. Maybe I'm just easily entertained or just love a fundamental change, but I was eager to get my hands on the 560 processor that was heading my way."