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Swiftpoint Micro Mouse
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Product: SwiftPoint Mouse
Provided By: FutureMouse

Price: $79.99 MSRP at time of Publication



After using the SwiftPoint mouse for a month, it's the last mouse I'll ever need.  I was looking for a mouse that I could be productive at work, game at home, dabble in Blender and GIMP with precision, with the ultimate goal of being portable.  The SwiftPoint mouse easily meets these requirements but is more of a "jack of all trades, master of none" solution. 


Packaging & Features:

The SwiftPoint mouse arrived in a relatively small box focused on displaying its unique design in plain view, while highlighting the feature set in the book type cover.  The design is appealing and elegant.  If it weren't for the square inches needed for the feature highlights the box could be half the size.  Below are the features copied and pasted direct from the www.futuremouse.com website.  A video highlighting the features is embedded below.

Full Bundle 

First Impressions:

The SwiftPoint mouse definitely looks alien compared to a conventional mouse and is a conversation piece.  It's incredibly light weight and small; about a third the size of my Microsoft 5000 desktop mouse and easily half the size of my Microsoft 6000 portable mouse.  The thumb and finger grip are nicely textured rubber.

USB Connected
Mouse Dongle Attached
Mouse & Dongle
Mouse & Dongle


Bottom of Mouse
Mouse Side
Side & Top


On the next page, we'll cover first use and features.