Psyko Audio Carbon 5.1 Headset - Closer Look at the Carbon

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Closer Look:

As you can see in the pictures above the Carbon (just like the original Psyko 5.1) is a larger headset due to the unique design of having the speakers in the top of the headset. The size at first will feel a bit awkward since chances are good that it will be a bit bigger then what you are used to. After a couple of hours of gaming you get used to the Carbon's size and is much more comfortable than I was expecting it to be. The headset is nice and balanced and doesn't flop around even if you whip your head around a bit, overall I was very happy with just how comfortable it actually was.

Both Open
Both Open
Open Close
Open - Close Up

Another unique feature that the Carbon features is its unique side vents that open and close. This might not seem like a very cool idea at first but after using them you realize just how useful they can be. If you want to be able to hear what is going on around you, or if you need to be able to talk to someone sitting beside you, you can easily open them up, or if you want to block out noise around you they can easily close. These "openable" side vents also are pretty cool and I found myself leaving them open much more than I thought I would and even with them open the sound quality of the Carbon headset is still very good (and you can still hear someone knocking at the door easily).

Mic Attached
Mic Attached

As you can see above the Carbon headset comes with a detachable mic. The mic attaches and detaches easily yet doesn't flop around and stays in place nicely.

Sound quality on the mic is very decent, more than adequate for any Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Voice Chatting. While it might not be the best mic I have ever heard it is by no means even close to being the worst, all of your friends will be able to clearly hear you when you are making fun of them for their sub-par game play.

AMP - Front with Cables
AMP - Front + Cables

The Psyko Audio Carbon comes with an amplifier that sits on your desk and is where you will plug your headset into. The amp also has 2 knob controls which easily allow you to adjust volume (or turn off) as well as adjust bass levels. These is also an LED display which helps you setup the headset and shows you which channels you are currently using. As you can see in the pictures above and below amp is pretty decent looking and won't stick out like a sore thumb on your desk and the ability to adjust volume and bass quickly is a nice feature to have as well. The ability to quickly attach and detach your Carbon headset from the amp is also very nice and prevents you from having to go in behind your computer every time you need to unplug the headset for whatever reason.

AMP - Rear
AMP - Rear


We'll continue our inspection of the Carbon on the next page.