Samsung R580 Notebook Evaluation

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Samsung R580 Notebook Evaluation
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Product(s): Samsung R580 Notebook (R580-i5-430)
Provided By:
Samsung Canada
Price: ~$899 CAD as configured at time of publication


Today we've got the Samsung R580 notebook on the test bench here at BCCHardware. This is the first full notebook from Samsung that we've had the chance to take a look at and we're very interested to see how it can compare with all the others. Samsung isn't the biggest name in the notebook market but Samsung always seems to produce quality products and we are expecting that very same quality from their Notebooks.

The Samsung R580 features the Intel i5 CPU with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 310M with 512MB of dedicated video memory. Also included with the R580 is 4GB of DDR3 memory, a 500GB hard drive, and enough features to make you forget that this notebook has a MSRP of ~$899 CAD.

While the Samsung R580 might have an impressive list of features it also will turn heads with a "Touch of Red" color scheme that really sets it apart from all the other notebooks in its price range.

Let's move onto the next section and see what the R580 is all about.


First Impressions:

Samsung R580 Notebook - Front View
Samsung R580 Notebook -Top View


As you can see right away the R580 is a nice change from the traditional black/gray laptops that pretty much everyone has. The "Touch of Red" color scheme is a nice change from all the other gray and black laptops available.

Samsung R580 Notebook - Front View
Samsung R580 Notebook -Lid Closed


The R580 has a "Glossy" finish which made taking pictures a nightmare, the glossy finish also is a fingerprint magnet and you'll probably find yourself keeping a lint-free cloth in your laptop case to keep it looking all nice and pretty.

Samsung R580 Notebook - Side View
Samsung R580 Notebook - Top View


The keyboard on the R580 features a full num pad which is a bonus for people who like that, unfortunately it also makes the keyboard a little off-center and takes a bit to get used to. The keyboard has a nice feel to it and is also easily replaceable which is an added bonus down the road. The Blu-Ray drive is also easily replaceable if for some reason it should ever fail, basically with one screw you can pop it out and easily replace it.

Samsung R580 Notebook - Inputs
Samsung R580 Notebook - Keyboard


The R580 has a ton of inputs. VGA, HDMI, Headphone, Mic, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 3-in-1 card reader, and a DC-in port are all easily accessible on the side of this notebook.

Samsung R580 Notebook - Hinges
Samsung R580 Notebook - Hinges


One of the first things I look at on a notebook of any size is the quality of the hinges. There is nothing worse than having a screen that flops around after a couple years because of cheap hinges. The Samsung R580 uses metal hinges and they look like they should be able to keep the large 15.6" screen from flopping around.