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Come check out all of our coverage from the incredible CES 2017. This year promises more gadgets, more goodness and more awesome that ever before! MOAR!

Deepcool at CES 2017

Deepcool is one of the companies that very people here in North America have heard of - unit last year when the brought the Tristellar case to the market and blew all of our minds. They have quite a selection of cases and cooling products though and it is worth taking a look to see if you can find some of their products around before you start your next build. They make AiO liquid cooling products and have updated them for 2017 with RGB lighting as well as white versions. The white version feature white fan housing, white radiators and a white pump housing. White version come in both 240mm and 120mm versions.

If you want a great gaming case with fantastic cooling, their Dukase Liquid is a great choice. It comes with a Captain 240EX installed and has a visible flow indicator. While this is not necessary, I've had a pump fail on a different system in the past. The system ran fine, but suffered thermal slowdowns under load. Being able to see if the liquid was flowing would have greatly helped troubleshoot quicker.


Note: The GPU Riser-cable is included


They have a new ASUS ROG-edition case with RGB lighting that can be controlled by the ASUS motherboard software that is used to control RGB on memory and other components. This is a nifty idea as it requires less software to be installed and you can synchronise your case lighting with your pump lighting, RAM lighting and fan lighting. While that may not be important for everyone, it's a great idea that deserves a look if you're building with ASUS motherboards.

Deepcool also has dived into the tempered glass case market with their ARK 90 - and it is gorgeous. It won't be available until May however. Also on the tempered glass side of things is their new Earlkase Liquid. It also features RGB lighting and is possibly one of my favorites. On the opposite side as the glass panel is a bunch of "Dragon Scale" vents that look pretty sweet. 

Dragon Scale Vents


Deepcool has also released the Quadstellar case - which is an update to their famous and much-sought-after Tristellar case. The Quadstellar has a lot more room in it for "normal" builds, but it lacks the appeal that the Tristellar did. Either way, it's a solid case that will hold more hardware, looks fantastic and comes in at less money than last years Tristellar.



There are a ton of case and cooling options on the market, but Deepcool should be on your short list of considered options as they make very good products and they are priced at bargain prices. I'm looking forward to taking a look at some of their tempered glass products later this year.

We have a bunch more images from our Deepcool visit in the gallery here. Of course you can check our entire CES 2017 coverage right here. Check out Deepcool for all of their products - and upcoming hardware.

Lian Li at CES 2017

Lian Li came back to CES 2017 with a few updates for their exciting products including USB 3.1 support via a module designed to be mounted to the rear of many of their tower cases. They also showed off some USB-C cables that work with current motherboards and bring this to your favorite last-generation Lian Li box.

One of their big debuts was the update to the  DK-04 adjustable table that also is able to house a pair of systems. The DK-04 could hold one system, but this standing desk is large enough to hold two systems and two employees could easily work at the same time. It's a monstrous beauty that I think everyone that stopped by asked if they were sending out review samples. The price to entry is a little steep at around $1800, but you have to keep in mind that in addition to being a unique and gorgeous Lian Li case, it's also an electric height-adjustable standing desk.

Lian Li


They've done a bit of work redesigning some of their cases to look a bit more modern and have added metal mesh accents to cases such as the upcoming PC-V3000, but one of the nicest cases overall that they have is the PC-09WX.  It's almost a cube case and has tempered glass, all aluminum build and tons of room, along with incredible looks. It's one of my favorites, but the image below doesn't do it justice.



For the DIY and hardware tester, they are working on a new test-bench that looks incredible. It answers pretty much all the questions, needs and desires of a hardware reviewer including a cover so temperature testing is now relevant. Previous test platforms have been open-air and while that makes it easy to swap hardware, temperature testing and load performance weren't comparable when put in a closed case. This new platform fills that need - and does it with a magnetic Plexiglas cover. It's super simple to use and configure however you need.

Test Bench


Lian Li has some great products already and there are some absolute gems in the works right now. Many of these products will be available here in the next month or two and we are excited to work with them more as they have absolute top-notch products.

For more images from our Lian Li visit, please check the gallery here. Also, you can view all of our CES coverage over here.

Samsung at CES 2017

I was able to attend both the Samsung Press Conference as well as take a tour through the Samsung booth this year and in the light of the dismal last quarter, the overall feeling was a little muted. That's not to say Samsung doesn't have some great products - they do indeed. It just seems that the shadow of the Note 7 put a bit of a melancholy on the company at this CES. What they were excited about though was their "new" QLED TVs. This is an evolution of the quantum-dot technology that we saw from a few top-tier companies last year and Samsung has upgraded the technology with a metallic alloy that gives truer colors (over a billion colors) as well as deeper blacks, better energy efficiency and the ability to perform right along with OLED in terms of stunning vibrance - with a longer lifespan than they claim OLED will achieve. Only time will tell if this is marketing speak, or if there is truth to it. Either way, their TVs now use a micro-thin cable, some of the best curved panels in the business and a super-simple remote that simply works with every device you have in your home - whether it be Xbox, Hitachi DVD player, set-top boxes or even a Roku. One real remote + an App that works better than ever.



Samsung is also pushing into the high-end style of TVs that use their near-invisible cable and the TV itself is designed to blend into you artistic home. It's a rather simple idea, but not one that we've seen before. The TV looks like a piece of art hanging on your wall - complete with a matted framed picture. The is part of their Q-Style series and it offers the same features you'd expect from a high-end Samsung TV, but with very sophisticated style. At first, it was hard to tell which image was the TV on the wall, until you start thinking aspect ratios. Either way, it looks great is and has a fit for customers that want something to blend into their room, rather than stand out.

Q Style


For a quick glimpse of the QLED TV, watch this video below as it's clearly meant (and did) impress.


For more images from our CES coverage at Samsung's booth, please check here. Also, take a look at all of our CES 2017 coverage here.


ASRock at CES 2017

ASRock was at CES this year in a suite so they could meet with press, buyers and marketing people without yelling over top of the crowds. They also did this as there were trying to show off a couple of new products they have been working on that are still working on Intel certification. ASRock is most known for their motherboards and they certainly had quite a lineup of new Kaby Lake Intel boards as well as some new boards for AMDs Ryzen CPU. Some of their high-end Intel boards now come with 5GbE networking. Of course 10GbE is already available in the commercial space for servers and large companies, but for the general consumer, 5GbE is the gap-filler that ASRock is hoping will take off.



It's purely cosmetic, but ASRock has taken to putting themes on their motherboards and the PCB, slots, cooling solutions and more reflex different designs. As more PCs have windows and RGB lighting, ASRock wants to make sure you keep your theme going - and take it a step above the competition. It's pretty nifty.

ASRock is jumping back into network as well, but the piece they are excited about is the new Micro-STX platform. If you've heard about it before CES, you're a lot more connected than me (and probably are), but this was the first time that I'd seen this form factor. The boards are rectangular like a standard motherboard, but they are much, much smaller. The amazing thing is that ASRock is working with the 7th-Gen Intel Kaby Lake platform here as well and the board uses DDR4 SODIMMs. 


Micro-STX Front


Micro-STX Back


You'll notice that there aren't a lot of traditional SATA connectors or graphics card slots. ASRock is moving to M.2 for storage and has included four slots on the back. For graphics card upgrades, they are working with NVIDIA primarily to produce MXM form factor cards to be used on this system. As you can see, there are a few bottlenecks remaining, but ASRock is betting big on this new platform. Why not? You could easily populate the M.2 with 3TB of ultra-fast storage, an 802.11ac module, Kaby Lake CPU at crazy speeds and a new MXM GTX 1080 graphics card.



The system they had running was very quiet and performed like a champ. It's a brave new world and ASRock is hoping they get to help pave the road to the future with the Micro-STX system they had on display.

For more images from our ASRock visit, please check the gallery here. Also, you can view our entire CES coverage over here.


PIQ at CES 2017

BCCHardware primarily focuses on computer hardware first and consumer electronics second, but every now and then there is a product that stretches our interest and diverts our attention. Most wearables (in my opinion) are little more than hi-tech jewelry, but PIQ has come along with a "Sports Intelligence" unit that has grabbed our attention as it is a unique product that offers a lot of possibilities. The heart of the PIQ technology is their PIQ ROBOT. This looks like some sort of rubberized sensor, but is in fact an entire computer as it stores data and more inside this 1.5-inch square unit. Depending on the sport, it may fit in the back of a glove, fit on your ankle or some other non-obtrusive place. It logs force, speed and other data as it tracks your movement and performance during skiing, kiteboarding, golf, tennis and boxing. PIQ is adding more sports as well, but they want to work with partners as they go to ensure the best experience for the end user.


The PIQ ROBOT is thin. It comes in at less than 1/4-inch and houses a fair bit of hardware as you can see from the company page linked below. Right now, PIQ is just involved in the five aforementioned sports, but they have plans to keep on expanding. I'd like to see the PIQ become involved in shooting sports as the sensor could easily be configured for shot detection as well as movement or jerking prior to the shot.

While there are different kits for each sport, you can use the PIQ ROBOT for all of them. It can be setup for whatever your're doing and that helps minimize cost. Also, it helps keep you from having a bunch of different units around when you're only participating in one at a time.



The golf kit comes with additional tags for each of your clubs (18 included) and this makes the golf kit a bit more expensive than the other kits. Still, for $280, full swing analysis of each shot as you golf - all day, can show how your digress as you get fatigued on the 18th hole. It's a very interesting concept, a simple design and a brilliant idea. We hope to be getting one of these for our resident ski pro, Jay Morrison. BCCHardware is located up in the frozen north, so I'm glad they have something that is more useful to us that kiteboarding.

For more information about PIQ, please check their site. You can check out more images from our visit with them here, and check out all of our CES coverage over here.


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