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Episode #74 - Skyfire's Flash Flood
« on: November 08, 2010, 08:55:27 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #74 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Flash comes to the iPhone Thanks to Skyfire 3:51
Although Steve Jobs says that iPhone users don’t actually want flash, when Skyfire listed their browser that supports flash on the App Store – it sold out.  It was downloaded so much in 5 hours that it broke all of their servers.  I guess they do want it afterall.  It’s not all good news though…

Get 2 Hours of extra battery life by ditching Flash on your Macbook Air 7:03
So, people want flash, but if you get rid of it, you do get extra battery life. In fact, you can get up to 2 extra hours of battery life on a Macbook Air.  That’s a nice boost in performance, but people still want flash.

Barnes & Microsoft’s Ballmer sells 12% of his stake in the company 9:21
It appears that Steve Ballmer from Microsoft is looking for a little extra spending money as he just sold off 12% of his shares in Microsoft.  This happens quite often that people sell shares, but usually not this big of a chunk at once.  It looks like there might be a sale on sweaters at Banana Republic and he’s got shopping to do.

How Apple almost got the Kinect Game Controller 15:50
It appears that the Kinect Controller for the Xbox 360 might have been a lucky break for Microsoft as the company that designed this item actually tried to pitch it to Apple.  In the end, Apple lost it because they are a bunch of jerks...or so the story goes...

DirecTV drops G4TV 20:14
Ever since the glory days of TechTV, G4TV has been going downhill in my opinion.  It appears that I’m not the only one as DirectTV has dropped this channel from its list of services.  This is bad news for G4, but they honestly had it coming.

Google Instant Search adds $5 Million a week to Search Revenues 25:47
Many people have wondered how Google plans to monetize it’s services.  The answer is that it has search built-in to everything.  Now, Google’s Instant Search has come to the mobile (think Android) market and this has made their mobile platform hit $5 Million / week in search revenue.  Nicely done.

Dell dumps BlackBerries for Microsoft’s Smartphones 31:10
Although this looks like a plain marketing move as Dell will be selling a Windows Phone 7 device, it’s interesting that they never kicked the Crack-berry habbit in favor on an Android phone that they also sell.  Jason things it’s all about Exchange Server support, and he very well could be right… this time.

Google is no longer friends with Facebook 35:01
It looks like another couple of companies are probably going to go lawyer to lawyer in the near future.  Google has pulled the pin on Facebook because they weren’t playing nice and scratching each other’s backs.  This is going to be interesting…  I’m sure Mark has a good reason.

PSP2 is confirmed… kinda 40:05
Sony appears to be working on the next mobile gaming platform that is not a phone – the PSP2.  I think that this will die in favor of a good, affordable PSPhone that has already been leaked a bit.  I think it will be the platform, not a dedicated hand-held console.  I could be wrong though so we’ll keep our eyes opened.

What your phone says about you 44:21

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