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BCC vs DC Desert Combat / Maps for Nov18 match
« on: November 17, 2004, 09:17:41 PM »
Hey boys just thought I would drop this post to let everyone know that the map selection for tomorrow night's match is warmup (Desertsheild) and then DC Coastal Hammer,Twin rivers,and of course El Alimein. The passwords and server details will be in your emails........SO CHECK THEM!!

See ya all there!

[DC]->Bin Drinkin

OK!......Listen up soldiers, the teams are picked! We still have to call two more guys to get them signed up but this shouldn't be a big deal as one will go on each team. So here's the line up: Team [DC]-> is BinRockin,BinDrinkin,Nicao,Trog,Anti-Air,BoneRak,Goliath and either LittleHimmlier or Bich Bang and team \|/BCC\|/ is Zeus,MissileMan,Fujitsu,Codeblue,Howdyduty,Theseven,MaraudingDemon and either LittleHimmlier or Bich Bang. The team speak server will be Missile's at pw: desertcombat. and the playing server is VulClan DC .7 which of course we will upgrade to DC Final today before we play. So make sure you have the new DC Final installed and an authentic key to play because anybody that can't get on the server will be left behind!

Ok boys......GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BCC vs DC Desert Combat / Desert Combat teams
« on: October 16, 2004, 08:17:10 AM »
Well boys winter is right around the corner, I think it's supposed to snow today or tomorrow. I know when it's -40c I like to stay inside and do some major killin, so here's what I have been proposing this last week. We start up two teams DC vs BCC this way we will always have an opponent to frag, Nicao and I will get the servers up and running here shortly (DC and TS). The idea of two local teams keeps everything local and fun instead of having to join OGL and being forced to practice and even play on days that are not convienient. So post here if you are interested and any other ideas you might have as well, I'm sure we can get at least two teams of eight or ten and play twice a week.

I believe we have interest already from Bin Rockin,Bin Drinkin,Missileman,Trog,Himmlier,Nicao,Zeus,Howdy,Frisk,Muddog,Foolio!!!

So come and join!


Quick Q&A / Technical Q&A Games & OS's
« on: April 09, 2003, 05:00:56 AM »
Well I have one for all you brainiacks I have a system here running Win98 and somehow the customer has linked Return to Castle Wolfenstein to the C:\ drive and when I double click on it it runs the installer for  that Game. I check the properties of the drive and nothing is out of order.

Let me know.

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