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We have just posted up Episode #10 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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Amateur HD Footage from edge of Space
If you’re a bit of a “space nut” like I used to be, you’ll love this HD footage from some Edmonton, Alberta kids that sent a weather balloon up to the edge of space.  You can watch the HD Footage here.

Microsoft Allegedly Stealing Apple Retail Staff.
It seems that Microsoft is not only copying the idea of the Apple retail store with their upcoming Microsoft Retail store, but it seems that they are also “borrowing” the staff.  Can Microsoft not come up with anything original?  My concern is that there is such diverse hardware that will be available.

Consolemakers Prep for Motion Control Battle
Nintendo really made motion control popular, and it seems that everyone wants to get in on the fray.  Nintendo has recently updated the Wii with a Motion + add-on, and it improves accuracy and decreases battery life on the controllers.  Sony has their own motion controller and Microsoft is all about Natal.  Is motion the best way to play a game, or is it merely a gimmick?

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Hits the Streets
In AMD/ATi’s desire to bury NVIDIA in the graphics game, ATI released their latest DX11 GPU – the HD 5870 this week, and it is essentially twice the card than the Radeon HD 4870.  I like to see this large boost in performance.  It almost makes an upgrade feel worthwhile.  Reviews over at TechPowerUp as well as Bjorn3D.  Early information was leaked over at Case & Cooling (French) – pictures are in English though.

Microsoft Secret Table Details Emerge.
I’m really not sure what this would be good for, but it looks very impressive  and I’d love to have one of these.  It looks like the killer e-Book and e-Magazine reader if nothing else.  If it were GPS and 3G enabled, it would actually be useful – as long as you didn’t lose your stylus.

Seagate Shows Off 7200rpm SATA 3.0 2TB Drive with 6Gbps Interface
If you are looking for a very large drive that is also very fast, make sure to check out the 2TB Seagate XT 64MB Cache 7,200rpm SATA 3.0 drive.  This features a new 6Gbps interface and should be one of the fastest spinning drives on the market – including the Western Digital Raptor.  I’m sure it won’t have as fast as I/O operations, but for most people it will certainly be large enough and fast enough to load up their HD movie collection.

Core i7 Goodness Coming to Alienware Laptops.
The specifications aren’t all in yet, but the mobile Core i7 is coming to an Alienware laptop near you – for around $5000 if you load it up.  Yikes.  Our review of the Alienware M17 laptop here.

Apple Wins Case Against Palm Pre iTunes Syncing
It seems that one of the most touted features of the Palm Pre was syncing with iTunes and Apple was won against Palm and all consumers.  Unless you have an iPod, you cannot sync music with iTunes and Apple has kept up this anti-trust practice and it has once again held up in court.  The judges should put away their stinking Macbooks and live in the real world before they hand down a judgment like this against all consumers everywhere – not just Palm.

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Re: Episode #10 - Amateur HD in space, ATI HD 5870 and Microsoft's Tablet
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Woohoo! Thank you Zeus, everyone at BCCHardware, and CoolIT! You guys rock! I'll post some pics up once the cooler arrives.

That amateur video footage was quite neat up until the balloon popped.

ATI has really been on a roll ever since they released the HD47xx series and it looks like they have another winner. The ball is now in nVidia's hands so we can only hope that the GT300 is worthy to take back the crown (It probably will).
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