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Episode #13 - Adamo & Windows 7 Launch
« on: October 19, 2009, 08:01:07 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #13 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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Dell Offers New Images of Adamo XPS Prior to Launch 1:32
This is a very slick little machine that makes me want one – even if it is gutless.  We’ll have to see what the specs are, but you can always find more info – and the launch date over here.   The only real downside is the $2,000 price tag.

AMD Readies New “Congo” platform for Ultra-thin Notebooks for October 22. 8:46
AMD is trying to get really involved in the ultra-portable/netbook market with their new “Congo” platform that should launch at the same time as Windows 7 – who knows, it may be the processor that is powering the Adamo XPS.  I doubt it though.  I believe AMD is late to the party – again, but it might work out for them this time.

Nokia makes a 3G Booklet Gamble 12:38
Nokia’s first (and possibly last) Netbook – called the Booklet is a beautiful piece of hardware, but it is very expensive.  It will cost $600 without a contract, but with a 2-year contract it is a mere $300 – the same price as a regular netbook without a data plan that will cost you extra $60 every month.  It is too expensive, but sweet.  I don’t think they should have went “all in”.

Windows 7 House Party 16:17
There is quite a bit of hype surrounding the Windows 7 launch and there will be a lot of hardware launches at this time as well.  Good for Microsoft to partner up and make Windows 7 launch something almost memorable.  One of the benefits of Windows 7 is its ability to control both ATI and NVIDIA cards at the same time.  We talk about CrossfireX + PhysX.

Microsoft Taps the “Family Guy” to Sell Windows 7. 22:14
The Family Guy is going commercial free on their one hour special with Windows 7 being featured.  I’m not a fan of this idea for major product placement, but I’m probably going to tune in anyway.  Do you think major product placement belongs in TV shows – animated or not?  Is it the same as in-game advertising?  November 8 = 1 Hour Long Windows 7 Commercial.

Major Bug in Snow Leopard Deletes All User Data 27:12
I’ve got to admit that Apple users are huge fanboys – or at least they don’t seem to complain on a grand scale – or maybe there just isn’t enough of them to be heard.  Either way, Snow Leopard has a flaw that can and will delete you user data if you log in to a Guest account.  The fix is simple, but if you’ve been affected – you’re screwed.  If this happened to Windows users, the world would freak out and Apple users would scream “MICROSOFT SUCKS!”  Why can’t we be more like that…

Apple Kills Jailbreaking in Newest iPhone 3GS Shipments. 30:51
In the battle of Apple vs. Jailbreakers, Apple is currently on the top of the pile and they have updated the BOOTROM and is winning.  Jason gives it a week before it’s broken and iPhones will be unlocked again.

The iPhone iCan’t do Things, But Android iCan 34.53
Verizon Wireless is getting behind Android in a big way and have a nice little teaser site online that shows you things that the iPhone cant do, that Android and Android capable hardware can do.  It looks like a battle could be heating up.  By the way, there are 12 Android handsets at that are worth looking at.

NASA photos show moon strike created plume 39:11
NASA bombs moon in order to find water and some of the pictures are interesting.  I don’t think I’d move to the moon even if they had water.  The early pictures aren’t that impressive, but I’m sure we’ll see more in the future.

Collider Gearing Up For Bizarre Test 40:36
This sounds like some movie plot alternative from “Back to the Future IV”.  They are worried about time travelers messing up the Collider.  Seriously.

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