Author Topic: Episode #18 - Smokers Void Warranty, Chrome OS Launches and MW2 Goes 0.5 Billion  (Read 6348 times)

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We have just posted up Episode #18 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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Apple Denying Support for Smokers 3:19
It appears that Apple refuses to warranty some computers because cigarettes are a Biohazard and Mac computers are not certified for Biohazard environments.  According to OSHA it is pretty retarded.  With that in mind, computers who’ve been exposed to heavy smoking are pretty gross.

Apple’s New Patent is All About Ads. 8:18
It looks like Apple wants to patent ad-support hardware and software that they will discount or even give away to consumers if they sit and watch the ads.  The question is, “Would you get free hardware and submit to Apple brain-washing?”

The Kindle is now in Canada 13:58
Amazon has worked out the details and now the Kindle is available in Canada and has wireless 3G downloads.  For anywhere from $5.99 to $11.99 you can grab your favorite titles and grab one of these for Christmas.  Alberta has great coverage, other provinces – not so much.  Check out the coverage map over here.
Grab a Kindle because the Nook is sold out for the holidays.

Chrome OS hits the desktop 21:09
If you don’t want to convert your whole machine to Chrome OS from Google, you can find out how to run it in a virtual machine.  Some people believe that Chrome OS may spell the end of Desktop PCs.  I don’t believe that for a second.  The Windows box will be here for a long time.

Windows 8 Roadmap Info. 30:06
Windows 8 is rumored to be 128-bit and it looks like the roadmap is slating it for a 2012 release.  That could spell a whole new generation in performance although if 128-bit Windows 8 is as poorly done as the first 64-bit version of Windows XP/Vista, it could be a bit of a gong-show.

"Call of Duty" game sells $550 million in five days 36:46
This is probably one of the most successful games that EA/Activition/Infinity Ward has ever release as it’s made over half a Billion dollars in the first 5 days.  That’s 110Million / day on release week.  The sales stats are incredible, even though the multiplayer is not so great.  Thoughts from D.Norman and some gaming stats in the Episode #17 show notes.

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November Ultra X4 850W PSU Giveaway!
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- Sometimes it really is a pain to clean inside the computer  :-\ I do not want to imagine if I have to clean a computer full with tobacco powder :o :laugh: Anyways, denying the support is unfair because before buying the computer they didn't tell you that you couldn't smoke  >:( But smoking isn't good for health and environment, so from now on they should tell people that smoking voids the warranty >:D
- If I think that I could support the ads of the item that I want, then I surely enter to this Apple free things system :D  :uglystupid2:
- Thanks for the advice, I will surely will try Chrome OS in a virtual machine  ;D Just 300Mb, downloading...  O0