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We have just posted up Episode #22 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes.  Enjoy!

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Youtube Goes with a Subscription Based Service 1:48
Youtube will hopefully be getting some premium content in order to start charging money for monthly subscriptions.  If they don’t have premium content, it’s not worth paying $5 a month for keyboard cat clips.  Good luck with that.

Blu-ray 3D Specifications Finalized – Your PS3 is Ready. 7:30
Thankfully, Sony has kept things working in favor of the PS3 in terms of 3D playback.  This may also give consumers who don’t already own a PS3 – a new reason to buy a PS3.  If only you didn’t have to wear uncomfortable dorky glasses this 3D thing might actually take off.
Avatar in 3D – the review.

Microsoft (attempts) To Challenge Steam With New Game Download Service 12:40
Although I’m not sold on the Microsoft Download service for Windows, it is a step in the right direction.  If you are a thrifty consumer, you may want to shop and compare with Steam as there are some deals to be found.  Keeping everything under the same program (Steam for me) is kind of nice though.

Finally, the End of Psystar - Maybe 22:20
Apple has been trying to kill Psystar for quite a while and now the courts have finally ruled in favor of Apple and issued a permanent injuction against Psystar so they can’t sell hardware anymore.  Tough luck for Psystar, but I think they’ll try and come back down the road.

Exclusive Google Phone / Nexus One photos – Android 2.1 on-board . 26:15
Although I predicted the Google would launch their own hardware with a few other exclusive features – I didn’t think it would be coming this soon.  The phone is made by HTC, but it seems to be unbranded by HTC and fully branded by Google.  Still, it looks good but is on AT&T and T-Mobile.  Hopefully they’ll have a Verizon version in the future.

Palm posts larger than expected loss for Q2 32:50
The Palm Pre sales were pretty flat and the Palm Pixi launched with little to no fanfare.  The result is that Palm posted a lower than expected loss this last quarter.  Hopefully you’ll be able to snag one of these and throw it on Wind Mobile – Canada’s newest cell-phone provider.
Wind Voice Plans over here.   More details regarding Wind Mobile at Redflagdeals.  Compare the Fido City Plan that also requires small “home zones.”

Intel Moves Straight to 32nm 45:57
Intel seems to be moving to 32nm right away.  They are going to be rapidly phasing out 45nm parts – the first Arrandale CPU’s exist with both 32nm and 45nm parts.  These will be gone fairly soon as well.
At the upcoming IDF (Intel Developer Forum) they show the shift to 32nm on Westmere chips as well.

We draw for the CoolIT Domino A.L.C. Watercooling Kit

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