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Episode #35 - Steve Really Hates Flash
« on: February 22, 2010, 10:51:51 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #35 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and some details on how you can more free stuff.

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Engadget on Windows Phone 7 Series 4:30
It looks like Windows Phone 7 is here and it doesn’t suck as bad as we all thought it might.  It’s pretty interesting and they even have a bit of hands-on with video.  Check it out and see what you think of this new OS/Hardware combination.
The Apps support (or lack of) will be the make or break for the Window 7 Phone experience.

Microsoft Appoints AT&T as Preferred Windows 7 Phone Carrier 12:10
AT&T must have ponied up a bunch of extra money to be the “preferred” carrier for Windows Phone 7.  The last thing AT&T needs is a bunch of new data-hungry users pounding their already beaten-down network.  There are other choices, but AT&T gets the first kick at the can and gets a Boy Scout “Preferred” Badge.

HP Slate to Undercut the iPad 15:40
The HP Slate was announced by Steve Ballmer at CES 2010 and it now appears that HP is trying to undercut the iPad 3G version and take the market away from Apple.  I’m hoping this is true, but if it’s more than $399 – it won’t be an impulse buy for me.  We expect it to be around $549, but only time will tell.  It will be a great pre-cursor to Microsoft’s Courier and you can read more Courier Details here.

PS3 Benefiting from Wii Publisher Backlash  27:27
Although the Wii hardware sells like hot-cakes, it appears that publishers are chapped they can’t make any money selling $50 games for the Wii when they can charge $70 for XBOX and PS3 games.  Publishers have to port and strip out games in order to play them on the underpowered hardware.  Companies like PS3 are starting to love the expensive titles.

Apple’s Jobs Bad-Mouths Flash 35:24
It appears that Steve Jobs has nothing good to say about Adobe Flash.  It sucks and is the only reason that Macs have any issues.  Jobs points fingers and says they are lazy.  Flash is full of security holes and old technology.  Thankfully Macs are based on a Unix kernel which is brand-new technology.

Apple Bans Hackers From App Store 41:04
It appears that people who jailbreak their iPhones so that they can get apps for free are no longer allowed to pay for legitimate apps from the App store.  That means that you’ll have to keep stealing/pirating apps.  I fail to see the punishment mentality here.  Maybe we should ask to go to Steve’s birthday party.

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