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Episode #41 - Social Media and Billy Reid
« on: March 22, 2010, 09:29:51 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #41 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes as well as a brief interview with Billy Reid of

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Facebook Surpases Google in Traffic 3:25
Up until recently, Google was the most visited site on the planet, but it has just been dethroned by Facebook.  Google still garners 7.03% of all USA internet visits, but Facebook has edged it out with 7.07%. Google still makes 23.7bn while Facebook is looking to find a real revenue model as they made a mere 1.5bn.

Apple iPad Orders Drop Sharply 10:10
The Apple iPad saw an amazing 25,000 orders per hour when announced.  It appears that pre-orders have dropped to as low as 1,000 per hour now that the hype has worn off.  I believe that all of the new Tablets will have a very limited use and this is merely a fad that won’t last long – in its current iteration.  Once they become powerful enough to be useful, they may be more than a passing fad.  Either way, most of the pre-orders were from “pure overexcited fanboism.”

AMD – Game Devs Only Use PhysX for the Cash 15:00
AMD is screaming “sour grapes” as they claim that the biggest reason game developers use PhysX when building their games is that they get paid a big fat chunk from NVIDIA.  While this may in fact be true, that pretty much describes every sponsor driven industry.  I’m excited to see AMDs open approach to physics that will run on every piece of hardware – AMD and NVIDIA.

Where are Twitter Users Going? 21:15
Twitter is an interesting beast.  It doesn’t have a revenue model at all – kind of like WeeklyTechUpdate, but it certainly has a large user base.  The thing with Twitter is that many users link content that takes users away from Twitter.  LATimes has posted some information that shows where users are going.  It’s no surprise that most traffic heads to other social networks and entertainment.

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Interview with Billy Reid  39:56
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