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Episode #54 - Live Game Streaming
« on: June 21, 2010, 10:18:12 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #54 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
This episode of Weekly Tech Update is brought to you by CoolIT Systems.

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Microsoft Releases New Xbox 360 with Thermal Protection 2:03
Microsoft has released an update to the Xbox 360 where they combine multiple chips on a single die, provide better cooling, thermal protection and a slimmer design.  Hopefully the RRoD (Red Ring of Death) will be no more – and instead you console will shut down on you during a match instead of imploding.

Is the Dedicated e-Book Reader Dead? 8:03
According to PCWorld, the dedicated e-Book reader is going to be dead within a year as people will merely use iPads to read books instead.  They figure that people will be willing to spend $600 on a color device that is hard on your eyes instead of $149 device that works better and lasts longer.  I don’t think so PCWorld!!!  Nook gets a price cut to $149.

iPhone 4 is unlocked in Canada 14:20
The good news is that the iPhone 4 will be carrier unlocked in Canada – making it a good device to take overseas.  The bad news is that you will still have to pay money and sign a contract or pay $700+ to buy one without contract.  $700+ is a lot to spend on a phone when you can buy a cheap laptop for less than $500.

Mark Zuckerburg isn’t a big fan of the iPhone 18:05
The biggest problem with the iPhone 4 is AT&T.  They suck.  Mark Zuckerburg posted this status update recently. “This week I got an iPhone.  This weekend I got four chargers so I keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls.”  Way to go AT&T.

AT&T “Hacker” Arrested 20:40
If you exploit and publish your findings about how crappy AT&T security really is, you get arrested.  If you are dumb enough to exploit AT&T, you must be on drugs.  Apparently, the guy who hacked AT&T is hooped.

OnLive – Streaming Gaming Tested 23:00
Gizmodo has a live test at their home of the online streaming of games.  You don’t need a console or a PC – just a simple thin client.  It sounds good with the first year free, but the reality is that you’ll still have to buy or rent games from OnLive and I’m sure that they’ll make you pay hardcore in the long run.
More OnLive information here.

Is the Boxee Box from Dlink dead already? 27:10
The Boxee Box from D-Link looked like a great idea back in January, but with GoogleTV getting a lot of hype, it may be dead before it really launches.  The Boxee Box uses the Tegra 2 and looks pretty sweet, but when put up against good – with such a late start, I don’t think they stand much of a chance.

Google Chrome OS to support legacy PC applications thanks to “Chromoting” 29:30
It looks like Google is working on a way to support legacy PC software on its Chrome OS through Chromoting.  I think that’s a fancy way to say virtualization.  Hopefully it doesn’t need a license and a full install like Bootcamp and Apple.

Opera 10.60 released 31:30
Opera 10.60 is released and it’s faster than ever, supports widescreen displays better than anyone and more.  Check it out as it is a great alternative to IE, Firefox and more.

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