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Episode #61 - 100,000 Android Apps & Growing
« on: August 09, 2010, 05:48:30 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #61 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
This episode of Weekly Tech Update is brought to you by CoolIT Systems.

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What is Google Wave good for? Apparently Nothing…
If you’ve been trying to figure out just what good the Google Wave project can be used for, quit trying to figure it out.  Google couldn’t find their niche either and they’ve scrapped the project.  As near as I can tell, this was facebook for workaholics that want other people to commiserate with them.  Really?

PC Gaming Isn’t Dead 10:25
Although software companies are focusing more on console gaming and making PC Games more console-like, it appears the PC Gaming outsells all consoles – put together.  Come on developers, make some good games and give the biggest gaming market something special!

Android Breaks 100,000 App Submissions 17:54
It is pretty incredible that Android has been accepted as quickly as it has in the developer community.  6 months ago, there were only 50,000 apps, and today there have been over 100,000 apps with over 80,000 currently available.  That’s 100% growth in six months.  Nice!

Google Selling 200,000 Phones a Day 22:12
Although Apple is pretty excited about a few million iPhones solds in a month, Google shows off that they are selling phones with Android at the rate of a million every five days.  Holy cattle!  That’s incredible – too bad Google doesn’t make any money on phone sales.

72% of iPhone 4 Users Are Very Satisfied 24:20
It looks like the majority of iPhone 4 users are satisfied, but as you read this article, you see that dropped calls are the biggest gripe.  They blame AT&T, but the reality is that you are dropping 1 out of 17 calls on the AT&T network if you use an iPhone.  That sucks.

Apple rumors – New iPods and iPhones Coming? 28:39
It looks like there could be some new touchscreen goodness coming from Apple that will support a new iPod, and a 7” iPad.  Also in the mix is the idea that Apple new about the Antenna issue on the iPhone 4, but thought they’d try and sell it “as is”.  A few more juicy bits discussed in the show.

Microsoft Kinect Gutted 31:40
Once you take the cover off of the Microsoft Kinect, it looks like Jonny 5 from “Short Circuit”.  If I get one of these, I guarantee that I’m gutting it for some nostalgic action.

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