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Episode #62 - BFGs New Lifeless Warranty (Out of business)
« on: August 17, 2010, 06:03:31 AM »
We have just posted up Episode #62 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Toshiba Dual-Screen Laptop Now for Sale 2:22
Toshiba isn’t the only one trying to pull this off, MSI and ASUS showed off similar design ideas at CES earlier this year and the Courier from Microsoft looked pretty similar.  It’s nice to see it is almost ready to hit retail, but at $1100, it’s not going to sell a bundle.

India’s $35 Tablet isn’t All That Bad 8:13
Let’s be honest – a $35 Tablet? Not going to happen right?  Well, it has and according to people who’ve spent some quality time with this device, it’s actually not that bad!  It’s running Android but the biggest kicker is the resistive touch screen – they aren’t that responsive.  Still, for $35 subsidized or even $100 straight up – it’s almost affordable.

Verizon shows off 1 Gbps Fios Internet Connection 11:57
Broadband is getting broader and Verizon’s FIOS was a huge leap ahead to get you a Fiber line to your house.  Apparently even though the 50Mbps package (for $140/month) is pretty fast – it can get much faster.  They’ve clocked real speeds at up to 920Mbps local and 800Mbps over a 400 Mile stretch.  That makes for some great HD TV streaming.

BFG Tech is Closing Their Doors 18:22
The golden era of BFG Technologies is over and everyone who bought a card with the lifetime warranty just found out that the life is over.  Recently a customer returned a defective card and had it shipped back – still broken because they are going out of business.   If you find a BFG card on the shelf in the store, it would be a good idea to leave it there.

Are lithium-ion batteries the next threat to airline safety? 24:11
Apparently if you take 58 cell phone batteries on a plane, you will get in trouble.  Over at USAToday, they run a story where a guy got busted as he was suspected of trying to blow up a plane with batteries.  1) Can’t Happen, 2) Who carries 58 Batteries on a plane.  Answer to #2) A guy trying to make money on cheap batteries.

More Verizon iPhone Rumors 30:40
Even though Verizon has ran a lot of anti-Apple and anti-iPhone commercials, the evidence keeps on piling up in favor of them getting the iPhone sometime early next year.  This will be good for everyone but Motorola – who currently owns the Verizon smartphone market with the Droid.  This sucks for Moto – good news for consumers who want a choice other than AT&T for their iPhone.

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