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Episode #70 - Yahoo Could FaceTime
« on: October 11, 2010, 08:10:27 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #70 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Is Glassgate the Next Issue Facing Apple 2:05
It seems that the iPhone 4 is the most controversial Apple product made to date as they have yet another issue on their hands.  To be perfectly fair, I don’t think this is an Apple issue – it’s technology issue. That being said, don’t say it’s “unbreakable” if breaks when dropped from 18 inches.

Unlimited iTunes Subscriptions 8:01
It appears that if Zune wasn’t dead already, it will be dying if and when Apple finally brings iTunes Subscriptions.  It looks like it will be tiered into $10 and $15 plans, but it will certainly be the final nail in the coffin of Microsoft’s Zune service.  Hopefully Windows Phone 7 keeps some life in the service – if not the hardware.

Microsoft Live Labs Shuts Down 14:50
If you are a Microsoft Live lover, you may be sad to see that they’ve shut down Live Labs – the development behind all of the “Live” products.  We’re unsure at this point if Live services will stagnate or if they’ll all move to the “Bing” services platform.  I’m guessing we’ll see it all move to Bing.

Microsoft’s Massive Add Network to Close 17:15
It looks like Microsoft is closing doors on yet another investment that they paid between 200 Million and 400 Million for.  Massive is an in-game advertising network that they tried to sell, but had no buyers.  The end result is just to shut the doors.  Ouch.

Google, The Movie 21:04
The Social Network movie (based on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg) has done very well at the box office.  This has spurred on other companies to consider a website movie.  If you’re a creative writer, they are looking for screenplays.  Good luck and if yours gets picked, make sure you remember the guys that pointed you in the right direction!

New Yahoo App to Challenge Apple FaceTime on iPhone 24:22
It seems that the new Yahoo App developed for Android and Apple that will work cross-platform between Android, iPhone and PC.  You’ll be able to video-chat people on three different platforms.  This is a great idea to converge different technologies.

T-Mobile G2 “Jailbreak-Proof” Says Report 29:44
I believe that T-Mobile has just dared a bunch of hackers to pick up a new G2 and hack the crud out of it.  It looks like this phone will reset to factory defaults in the ROM has been messed with.  It looks like a secure idea, but I’m sure it will be circumvented.  Apple said the same thing about all of its iPhones as well.

Ubuntu 10.10 landed on 10/10/10 32:44
While the latest version of Ubuntu launched without much fanfare, the guys decided to drop version 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) on October 10, 2010.  Congrats guys – it looks great!  If you try it out, make sure you drop us a line with your thoughts.  Download and details here.

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