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Episode #71 - Windows (Zune)Phone 7
« on: October 19, 2010, 12:00:10 AM »
We have just posted up Episode #71 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
This episode of Weekly Tech Update is brought to you by CoolIT Systems.

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Windows Phone 7 Launch Press Conferference 2:20

Windows Phone 7 and Zune coming to Mac 3:00
Right after the rumors that iTunes will be offering an Unlimited plan in the near future (subscription based), Microsoft releases their Windows Phone 7 platform (aka Zunephone), and they bring it to Mac.  While this will never replace iTunes for many Apple fans, it’s nice to see Microsoft pushing into this market a bit.  Zunepass may have a couple years left…  Time will tell.

iPhone 4 is Prone to More Damage Than Previous Versions 13:12
It’s unfortunate for consumers than the hardness of the iPhone 4 also equates to “brittle”.  This phone suffers a lot of damage and it is starting to be a royal pain for Apple.  Maybe they should have encased a slick, drop-able phone in a material that can shatter.  Just a though.  Anybody want to buy a glass house? Free slingshot and rocks included.  More info over here.

AMD Quietly Reveals Next Radeon Series 18:30
AMD is getting set to release the next Radeon series this week and it looks like it will be brandishing the 6800-series moniker.  Early reports and rumors show that it isn’t a huge step up at all from the previous generation and this leads me to believe that we’re seeing a “Christmas Refresh” rather than a launch of anything special at all.  eTeknix has a few more details.

iPad is Coming to Verizon 24:35
If you want an iPad, but don’t want to get the poor service and quality of 3G that goes with AT&T, it looks like Verizon is getting it and will require a MiFi in order to get it on their network.  This means that you’ll have two extra devices to pack around, not including your current phone and laptop.  Suddenly you’ve got four things to keep charged.  That=Lame.

Why 3DTV is Stumbling 29:00
If you’ve listened to any amount of WTU, you’ll realize that we aren’t sold on 3DTV.  Apparently neither are a lot of other people.  While sales figures may sound impressive at $55 Million, the high price of these sets means that less than 28,000 units have sold.  One reason is price.  Another is incompatible glasses.  Each company uses proprietary glasses so you can’t bring them over to watch a movie at your buddies.  Unless you have the same brand of TV.

AOL Rumored to be Intersted in Buying Yahoo! 36:20
I have no idea where AOL keeps getting money, but I am shocked that they are the ones that are now showing interest in Yahoo.  I though Microsoft would be making another pass, but the famous CD spammer looks to be interested.  This would certainly help them out, but I don’t think it would be a good move for Yahoo.

Nokia N8 Released and Reviewed 41:20
Nokia is trying desparately to be cool with their latest smartphone – the N8.  While the hardware looks amazing, they’ve also tried to step things up with their latest version of Symbian OS.  I say “tried” because it looks like Windows 95.  Hardware Win – Software Fail.

Angry Birds has landed - 1 Million downloads for Android in 1 Day 47:30

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