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Episode #75 - RIM Does it Right
« on: November 15, 2010, 09:16:03 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #75 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Call of Duty Black Ops News 2:20
My biggest beef with PC Gaming (and I love PC Gaming) is that PC users are treated like beta testers – yet we have to pay full retail price.  There have been a few patches released already and there are a lot more issues to solve.  Here’s hoping.

Retail Stores Threatening Steam Ban 11:04
Steam is a great distribution service and retail stores are feeling the burn and threatening to ban game publishers if they require Steam to be used for the game.  This helps push people into brick-and-mortar stores, but I think that is a dying venue.  I haven’t bought a PC game at a Big-Box store for years.  Up with Steam.

80% of TV viewing in the US is Still Standard Definition 21:00
This number is much larger in favor of Standard Definition than I thought.  Although more than 80% of people have an HDTV, the reality is that SD is “good enough” and up-converting DVD players give people a decent experience.  I thought it would be closer to 50% in HD…

Blackberry Playbook to Sell Under $500 27:30
If you need lessons on how to enter the market late and still make waves in the tablet market, take them from RIM.  They are late to the party with their PlayBook, but have priced it very competitively and are offering a very compelling product.  I highly recommend supporting a company that gets it.  Consumers want competition.  Hello PlayBook.

Nvidia GTX 580 Video Card Released 34:51
The Radeon HD 6870 appeared a few weeks ago and was disappointing in terms of performance.  The GTX 580 from NVIDIA is a logic step to take the performance crown back from a single-GPU card and they do it.  This is a decent card that has a GF110 core and a lot of shaders to make it rock.  There are lots of reviews around the web, but we liked the one posted above – it includes price per frame-rate.

Apple smashes patch record for patches 40:05
Apple isn’t known for its massive patch release schedule, but they released a monster that fixed a ton of security issues in OSX – including 55 directly linked to flash.  While that sounds like a lot of patching, there are hundreds more flaws reported that Apple hasn’t addressed.  This is a change and maybe you should re-think your Apple security “bragging”. is 44:37 – aka has been declared defunct and has gone the way of AOL CD’s.  I personally don’t know of anyone who used ask – so I guess no one I know of will care.  If you’re an old user, you can rest easy knowing the death with be quite painless.

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