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Episode #76 - Facebook Has 5 Years to Live
« on: November 22, 2010, 09:41:37 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #76 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Apple’s Big Announcement – We’ve got the Beatles 2:24
Apple was hyping up a big announcement this last week and as it rolled out, millions realized that there was no big announcement.  True, iTunes now has the Beetles, but “big”? Not for many people.  This was a hype storm that ended up with a few drops of pain.

Apple Readies iPad2 5:18
An announcement that could have been a lot bigger was the fact that Apple is readying the iPad 2.  This new tablet is speculated to have better cameras – including a front-facing camera for FaceTime, and possibly a miniUSB port.  That would be nice.  Is it enough for you to upgrade from your current iPad?  Probably if you’re a fanboy.

Apple’s MobileMe Free-Version Coming? 12:14
MobileMe for Apple is a suite of cloud-based services that work really well on the mobile platform.  The problem is that they cost around $100 / year for a single user.  The alternative is Google.  It’s totally free and offers pretty much the same thing.  This is forcing Apple to consider a free version of the MobileMe – making paid version users pissed – or stripping the free version so bad that people will still want to pay $100 for stuff that they could have for free.  Time will tell, but hopefully Apple actually tries to compete here.

Verizon launching “Smack Talk” campaign against AT&T 17:30
Not only is Verizon’s network far more extensive that AT&T’s, they are now broadcasting in LTE or 4G in many centers around the USA.  On the flipside, AT&T has now upgraded many service areas to HSPA+ (3.5G).  It is still overpopulated and slower than a grandma however.

OnLive MicroConsole Release 23:27
If you enjoy a casual game, but don’t know what console to get, or have a hard time keeping your PC current enough to run the latest games, perhaps the console-less OnLive gaming platform is for you.  Of course you’ll need to have a 5Mbps downstream connection minimum, but it looks pretty sweet when your console is in the cloud and all you have is a connection for your controller at your house.  Joystiq has a full review.

Call of Duty Black Ops – You can beat the game without every firing a bullet 31:47
While I felt pretty good beating CoD:Blops in a few hours on Vetran difficulty, apparently, I could have won without shooting bad guys at all.  I just have to rn and hide and the AI always makes the good guys win.  What a load of crock.  That being said, Half-Life 2 was the same way so it’s nothing new.  If you bought CoD:Blops for single-player, you’ll be seriously disappointed.  Multiplayer is where it is at.

Samsung Galaxy tab not selling as well as expected 38:05
Samsung came into the tablet game a day late and a few hundred dollars high and this has hurt their tablet sales.  Maybe the next version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be better – or they’ll have to do more than cut production – maybe stop before they start.

Facebook only has 5 years to go 42:00
I’m sure that many of you are facebook fans and will rebel at the idea that it is going to die.  The truth is, all social networks die and Facebook can’t be any different.  It may only have five years left, so enjoy it while it lasts.  Maybe take it skydiving, or snorkeling in the Bahamas.  It would be a nice way to spend the last moments with it before it goes the way of MySpace.

AMD launches 16-core Server Processor 46:54
AMD is not giving up and they’ve recently announced their 16-Core Server processor that uses a total of four channels of memory on a 256-bit bus in order to be a very high performance computing solution.  Is it enough for companies to run Green instead of Blue?  I’m not sure, but this will filter down into consumer chips and we’ll all win!

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