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Episode #81 - Facebook Puts Apps on the Map
« on: December 27, 2010, 09:58:37 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #81 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.

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Now Onto The Real News:
CityVille Hits 48 Million Users in 18 Days 8:35
It’s amazing how fast some games can take off when they are tied to a social network.  CityVille (at this point) had only been around 18 days and already has more users that World of Warcraft – ever, and is rapidly becoming the largest game ever made/played.  In fact, it is now the world’s largest game – beating out Farmville.

Fastest Growing Facebook Apps 11:40
If you want to market to a lot of people, the best way is through a social network – whether you like it or not.  InsideFacebook has a nice bit of information that shows the hottest and fastest growing apps on Facebook.  It’s amazing that some of these are actually being used… and they are making a killing!

Google Tells Logitech to Stop (And Changes a lot of CES 2011!) 16:39
Google TV never got the positive reviews that Google hoped and so instead of releasing an unfinished product and then patching like crazy until it is actually worth releasing – Google pulled the pin.  They pulled it from their partners and have made many companies revamp their CES schedules and presentations so as not to include Google TV.

Gamestop starts taking pre-orders on Nintendo 3DS 26:06
GameStop has decided they need to beef up their revenue stream and start some hype around the 3DS from Nintendo.  They are now taking pre-order for a product they have yet to see for a price they don’t know that will release on a day they aren’t sure of.  Nice.  Here’s my money.

Intel Atom to ship in over 35 Tablets in 2011 34:00
The tablet war is heating up and it looks like there could be a bunch of Windows-based tablets if the report that 35 different models will ship running Intel Atom processors.  Android is going to be a popular OS choice which will be followed by MeeGo – an Intel initiative.

AT&T promises 2 Billion in Upgrades 44:30
It’s always nice when your service provider decides to take complaints seriously and upgrades their network to keep you happy.  Recently AT&T offered up a $2 Billion dollar chunk of change to improve things.  Unfortunately, it won’t work on their current network or on current hardware.  While Google recently spent the same amount of money on a building, AT&T is “Buying the Future”.

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