Author Topic: Episode #92 - We Don't Need an iPad 2, Google Declines and Takes on Apple  (Read 4250 times)

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We have just posted up Episode #92 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Why Apple Doesn’t Need an iPad 2?
CNET figures that Apple has enough brand recognition and enough of a fan base as well as an App Store that they really don’t need to do anything to make an iPad 2.  All they need is a new sticker on the box – no camera, no screen improvements or anything… I disagree as I believe the second round of Tablets are going to be a lot better and more competitive.

Smaller iPhone = No. Cheaper iPhone = Yes
According to PCMag, the next iPhone isn't going to be smaller - just cheaper.  By cheaper they mean the components inside will not be as good, the camera will be inferior and the overall quality of the device will be less.  The good news is that it won't be as expensive either!  Cheaper and less expensive... It's a lose - win.  Oh, and they will offer voice commands - how innovative! Wait, Android has been doing that for almost a year.  Nevermind.

“Facebook Phone” confirmed by HTC
It looks like the rumors behind the facebook phone are coming true as HTC has confirmed the existence of a phone with a full “Facebook” button.  While it won’t be all about Facebook, it will be more geared towards the social network than any other phone on the market… for better or worse.

More PlayStation Phone Details
The Sony Experia PlayStation PLAY phone has more details available this week and to be honest, it looks pretty much like any other Android phone on the market – except for that dedicated GPU.  It will be interesting to see how it performs, but I hate the fact that Sony gaming devices all require different versions of the same game.

Is Google in Decline?
According to the Atlantic Wire, Google may be in the decline.  From where I stand, they are not declining too much, but they certainly aren’t growing like they have been.  To stay very relevant, they need to improve things – like real-time search.  Maybe if they acquire Twitter this will get them an edge.

Google OnePass vs Apple iTunes
Google is taking on Apple with publishing incentives, and Google is undercutting Apple in terms of royalties.  While this sounds like a good idea and a bonus for consumers, Google still has to set prices the same as Apple or Apple will pull support for these publishers.  It’s a cut-throat business and no one wins at all – except Apple.

Watson Wins on Jeopardy
IBM built a super-computer that managed to beat a couple of brilliant guys on Jeopardy last week and there is a lot more involved than just having a bit database.  Take a look at the article and see how involved things are in order to win against a couple of guys who won over 100 games straight.

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