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Episode #97 - GTX590, IE9 vs Firefox 4 and Free Gun with TV
« on: March 28, 2011, 08:42:28 PM »
We have just posted up Episode #97 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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NVIDIA GTX590 Dual-GPU Graphics Card Launches
NVIDIA used to be the leader when it came to enthusiast graphics and they’ve been playing catch up for a long time now.  They recently launched their fastest card ever – the dual-GPU GTX 590.  It’s a beast, but can it keep up to the AMD dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990?  KitGuru above has some info as does HardwareHeaven – among others.

IE 9 vs Firefox 4
The browser wars have heated up a bit lately, but while IE 9 is a contender in the 32-bit arena, their 64-bit version uses a horribly-old version of Javascript that is super slow.  Still, IE9 has some other issues graphically.  Compare that to Firefox 4 in terms of downloads and such and it makes the launch of IE 9 look kinda lame.

ASUS launches the Eee Pad Transformer robo-tablet/laptop
ASUS announced the “Transformer” Eee Pad back in January at CES 2011 – we were there.  Now it is “officially” launching but there is no pricetag available at this time.  I’m not sure if they’ll manage to hit the $400 pricetag, but if they manage to sell it for around $400=$500 they could have a big winner on their hands.  Dan thinks that it may not even launch.  We’ll see.

Judge Overturns Record Companies Requests for $75 Trillion Lawsuit
I am so thankful that judge Kimba Wood decided to use logic and has thrown out the request for a $75,000,000,000,000 lawsuit against Lime Wire.  The interesting thing is that the music industry hasn’t made anywhere close to that amount of money in the last 140 years, and somebody at the RIAA thought they could get this much?  Apparently they ARE as retarded as they sound.  Good for Lime Wire, Kimba Wood and the world!

Sign up for Dish Network, Get a Free Gun!
This is an epic idea that would only work in a few states – Montana being one of them.  The Radio Shack in Hamilton is giving away your choice of a shotgun or pistol with a new signup to the Dish Network.  There are some restrictions, but business has never been better in Hamilton (crime is down too btw).

Netflix nabs subscription rights to Paramount movies
Netflix has made the news a couple times in the past two weeks, and this time it benefits us Canadians!  They have just signed a 5 year deal with Paramount to get some good content on the service and things could be starting to look up for us early adopters that have shelled out $8 a month for a lot of “B” list titles.

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