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We have just posted up Episode #98 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Larry Page is now Google’s CEO
Google has positioned themselves quite well in terms of corporate structure.  They have more than one “go-to” guy that can carry the company – unlike Apple where it is pretty much all the Steve Jobs show.  Although Larry is in and Eric is out, I don’t think it will matter much to the investors.  Both of these guys are solid.  Watch your Google stocks over the next week to see though. The main board of Google can be found here.

Kevin Rose’s New Company - Milk
Although Kevin Rose may make a good spokesperson for Apple, he’s been busy ditching Digg and starting a new company – Milk.  The point of this company (other than possibly consulting for Mobile Applications) kind of eludes me.  I’m sure that he’ll make waves and secure a few million in Venture Capital funding, but I don’t see this going very far.  Time will tell.

Firefox 5 Already?
We covered Firefox 4 last week and it seems that Firefox 5 could be just around the 2Q corner.  There are already screenshots of the next version and the main features being developed are below.

• Responsiveness
• Improved Sharing
• Location bar cleanup
• Search box cleanup
• Home tab
• App tabs global, chromeless
• Silent updates, stub installer, Mac install experience
• tab sliding, plugin focus, add-ons 3 sec warning
• New Tab
• Taskbar web apps
• User control over extensions

Nintendo’s Next Console = No 3D
While Nintendo claims to have record sales of the 3DS that went on sale a few weeks ago, they aren’t planning any 3D action for the next console.  This is not surprising though as TV technology isn’t ready for gaming in 3D on the grand scale – and I’m not sure that people are either.  I bet that Sony and Microsoft will try and follow suit with something 3D though so they can catch up and pass Nintendo.  They all copied when it came to motion control so I doubt this will be any different.

AMD Launches Llano Chips
AMD is all about the GPU right now as well as the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit).  This is a combined CPU/GPU processor that blows away the Atom in terms of performance and can keep up and exceed the Sandy Bridge platform when it comes to gaming.  It could be in your next laptop if you wait until the middle of the year.  The 32-nm chip is yielding well.  Oh, and if you were wondering what a CPU wafer looks like…

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 + Nokia = #1?
It looks like Microsoft and Nokia may be partnering up to deal some damage on Apple - or at least they could and should according to the New York Times.  It appears that while Android is a fun alternative, it certainly isn't for everyone, but if Micorsoft teamed up with a hardware beast like Nokia, it could be a threat to Apple.  I totally agree with this idea - except that it won't threaten Apple... It will threaten Google and Android - Apple is already losing market share in the phone space.

Google TV + Honeycomb + Gingerbread = Ice Cream
When Android 3.0 was designed and launched specifically for tablets, the ugly voice of fragmentation screamed out from dissenters. We had a phone OS on Android 2.3/2.4 called Gingerbread, a tablet OS on Android 3.0 called Honeycomb, and a lot of confusion amongst the community. Eric Schmidt silenced much of that confusion at MWC in Barcelona, saying Ice Cream would merge Gingerbread and Honeycomb.  This could solve some problems and make Android a much more usable platform for the masses.

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