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We have just posted up Episode #99 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Save $25 with the Ad-Supported Kindle
In Amazon’s effort to get everyone a Kindle (and to keep on pushing their eInk products until they go full color Android Tablet), the Kindle is now available for $25 less – if you want to view ads on the screensavers and on the main screen.  This means you can snag the world’s favorite WiFi-only eBook Reader for a mere $114 – but at the cost of viewing ads.  Would you do this?  I think the price would have to be the magic $99 before I’d bite.

Samsung's 3D TV is Getting Cheaper
There is some good news for those of your wanting to buy a Samsung 3DTV.  They glasses have just been dropped from $130 - $150 to a “mere” $50 a pair.  This comes on the heels of other companies launching their passive glasses TV’s for much cheaper.  Those glasses are RealD compatible and can be found for as little as $3 online.  I love the competition – but honestly not prolonged 3D exposure.

Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP Market Share
Windows 7 is good.  I like it a lot.  Finally, it has taken the top OS spot away from the very dated Windows XP and now claims #1 overall.  It doesn’t have much of a lead on Windows 7, but it has pulled off the win.  What OS are you using?  Please click the link and go vote in our poll!

Acer takes aim at Apple with Iconia Tablet
We live in a tablet-world where everyone wants into that space and promises products that will compete with Apple.  Acer is in the fray as well with their Iconia Tablet.  The Android version will list for $449 and looks pretty special.  Also for those that want a computer as well as a tablet, the Acer Iconia also comes in a Windows flavor ($549) that has a detachable keyboard – like the ASUS Transformer…  The Acer ships with Windows however.

28% of Tablet Users Use Their Tablet as Primary PC
AMD is all about the GPU right now as well as the APU (Accelerated Processing First of all, I don’t know if I believe the usage is that high with all general consumers… Second, Tablet users apparently use it for “gaming” so these guys aren’t actual gamers.  Third, you’ve got to get tired of Zynga poker eventually… right?  Interesting breakdown of tablet usage over at BetaNews though.

Whose to Blame for Killing the Xoom
According to CruchGear, a lot of people had a hand in the “failure” of the Motorola Xoom tablet.  Retailers didn’t promote it, the advertising campaign was crappy and Motorola priced it too high.  I agree with the retails and the price.  Jason thinks it was all about the price, but if have slick sales-people, they can sell anything.  Still, 100,000 units isn’t bad, but I agree that when you are competing with someone, you have to undersell them, not overprice them.  Yes, that’s how competition works.

The Commodore is Back
For those of you that didn’t live in the 1980s, the Commodore 64 was the first “computing” experience that many had – including me.  I was a wee lad over at my cousins and he showed me the magic of that unit – including a cassette “drive” and games.  It was incredible.  You can now have a similar device – essentially a Eee Top PC (Intel Atom-based) for $549.  It’s expensive, but they sold out within hours of release.  Go line up if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Steve Wozniak Would Return to Apple if Asked
Steve Wozniak is a cool guy.  He’s one of the co-founders of Apple and is actually the guy that built the first couple of Apple computers.  He’s a freaking genius and he understands people.  He understands that people want great hardware and the ability to do what they want with the stuff they paid money for.  This is why Apple hates him.  They want total control, Steve Wozniak wants freedom.  He would come back and take over Apple in the place of Steve Jobs, but I think Jason is right that it will never happen.  If he does come back as CEO, I promise to buy an iPad to celebrate.

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