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We have just posted up Episode #101 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Apple says it “Must Have” User Location Data
Apple is claiming that the latest “bug” that has been discovered in iOS 4 is that it collects user data – but it NEEDs to…  They do this so that they can make AT&T’s network better.  Wait, what?  They got caught collecting user data recently, but they claim they need to… or maybe that they don’t… but Android does!  Blame them!

Apple Doesn’t Track Anyone, Android Does
Right on the heals Apple saying they need to track you, they say they actually don’t – but Android does.  We all realize that wireless providers can track us – and do – either by GPS or triangulation, but the operating system companies traditionally haven’t.  Android is open about this and admit to collecting data – Apple hasn’t openly admitted which is why this is a “big deal”.  The reality is that we have no privacy anymore – especially on wireless networks.

White iPhone Finally Here?
After a long wait, the white iPhone could finally be landing at Best Buy and other retailers.  It looks like the launch date of this “most amazing product ever – again” will be April 27.  If all that is new is a color change, I don’t think it will get a lot of people “upgrading” from their black iPhone 4 – but there will be some.

Next Generation Nintendo Console Launching at $350-400?
Nintendo is about 2 years ahead of the competition in the console game and they have plans to show off a new console at E3 in June.  Reports show that this console could be as much as $400 – with controllers costing $80 each.  If these same rumors are true, it should be more powerful than anything currently offered by Sony or Microsoft.  It will be interesting to see, but this price point leaves behind Nintendo’s key demographic – families that can’t afford an expensive console.

Nintendo Profits Fall 66%
Nintendo didn’t have a great year – despite launching the 3DS.  Their profits are down 66% and if this keeps up, they’ll really need the next generation Wii to do well.  Could this possibly be the beginning of the end for Nintendo?  At least they are still making a profit.

Firefox 4 hits 100 Million Downloads in 1 Month
Firefox 4 is hugely popular.  The Mozilla team has banked over 100 Million downloads in a month and the numbers keep climbing.  I’m not that impressed with it honestly, and while it feels faster, it also seems to have a few bugs – including being a system resource hog.  This is one of the reasons why the guys over at Computing On Demand have dumped Firefox.

Chrome Notebooks Confirmed to be Released June/July
Google has found the response to the Chrome-based notebook to be popular enough to bring these to market in June/July of this year.  There isn’t a lot of details about the actual specifications of these notebooks, but they look to cost somewhere between $10-$20 a month on a lease.  They will be available for purchase as well.  I’m not sure if a cloud-only solution like this is worth it, but Eldon like the “forever warranty” as well as “forever backup”.  This is a selling point for sure.

Seagate and Samsung Join Forces in the HDD Market
Seagate is looking for a company to supply them with NAND flash memory and Samsung just happens to have a bit extra laying around.  For $1.375 Billion they decided that they can work together and Samsung gets stock and cash.  This is probably a good deal for both companies, although I think Samsung gets the better deal.

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