Author Topic: Episode #103 - Sony's Network Woes, Android Surpasses Apple & Music Price War!  (Read 3643 times)

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We have just posted up Episode #103 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Sony Reveals 25 Million More Accounts Were Compromised
Things just don’t stop getting worse for Sony as they discover that another 25 Million accounts have been compromised.  This is not good news for them – or the other 25 Million people.  The problem is that Sony knew their servers were unpatched and out-of-date long before this happened.  That doesn’t bode well for them at all.

Sony Plans to “Reboot” Their Network by May 31
Even though Sony is still discovering that things are worse and worse, they still are hopeful to get things back up for their 100,000,000 million customers.  I would have zero confidence in them for a long time now though – even if they are offering 12 months of free credit identity protectionThis Ontario woman thinks that this is worth about 1 Billion…and that is why we pay so much for video games.

NVIDIA Losing Ground
It appears that NVIDIA is losing some ground in the GPU arena to Intel and AMD as their last two generations of products haven’t been all that amazing.  AMD has taken full advantage of this and now combined with their Fusion APU is really growing their share.  NVIDIA is hoping the mobile platform and their upcoming ARM CPU will help them out of this jam.  I hope we don’t lose them either as we need two companies to battle in order for innovation to happen.

Android to surpass Apple’s App Store by August 2011
As the Android platform grows it will get more popular and now that there are more Android devices in the hands of consumers than Apple devices – the App-Store shift is happening.  As early as August this year, the Android Market could have more apps than the Apple App store.  That doesn’t guarantee quality of course, but it does show where developers are headed.

Google gets sued for Android Phone Location Tracking
Apple recently got sued for location tracking, so in turn people decided to sue Google as well.  Google does indeed track location, but they say so in their EULA.  So, um, I’m not sure what you can sue for when you’ve already agreed to be tracked.

Amazon Launches Price War Against iTunes
Apple recently upped the price of “Hot Songs” to $1.29 each and in turn Amazon has lowered the same list of songs to a mere $0.69.  This sounds great for consumers for sure, but going against the mighty (70% Music Market Share) Apple could be a little tough.  Best of luck to Amazon though!

Amazon Launches Price War Against iTunes
The Smithsonian has posted up their large list of video games that made it into their “Hall of Fame” of sorts.  I agree with most of these but have noticed a few games missing.  Most FPS games are strangely absent.

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