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We have just posted up Episode #105 of Weekly Tech Update.  Below are the show notes and more.
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Rumor: Microsoft to buy Nokia
In Soviet Russia – there is a rumor that Microsoft is looking to buy Nokia and make them an exclusive hardware partner for Windows Phone 7.  There may be a bit of truth to this as the latest OS upgrade for your WP7 is coming on Nokia hardware before it hits anyone else.  I think this could be a good move for Microsoft if they want to take on Apple in the mobile space.  Your thoughts? Please post them below.

Sony Gets Attacked and Hacked… Again.
This is what happens when you make a lot of enemies and are a huge corporation with offices and servers world-wide – you get pWn3d by everyone that has 5k1llz.  Sony got taken down again – this time in Greece and more data was compromised and put up on the web.  If you have a PSN account, maybe it’s time you thought of changing and faking your information.

Apple Doesn’t Believe in Malware
Malware (Malicious Software) affects all computer platforms and Operating Systems.  I don’t care what browser you use on Windows, Linux or OSX, there is malicious software.  Apple Client Care has been instructed however to deny any malicious software exists and to refuse and deny support to customers with complaints.  Just like a bully, if you ignore it – it will go away.  (Apple please note: Customers, not Malware).

Apple iPhone 4S This Fall?
I’m not too excited about the all-new iPhone 4S that may be coming as early as this fall.  At this point it looks like it will have a faster processor. . . and, well, that’s about it.  If you want that extra feature and resulting poorer battery life, start saving your pennies now.  I’m sure it will retail for the same as every other iPhone.  I’m excited for this launch and may start lining up in June.

Intel promising smartphone CPU’s  in 2012
Intel is seeing the massive saturation of smartphones and wants in on the lucrative market as well.  They are promising a smartphone CPU in 2012 and have a prototype phone already in the works.  If they are successful with this launch, Jason figures the prices will have to come down.  I figure, everyone will just keep pricing the same because that is what the market will support.  If Intel can undercut the competition, they may sell more CPUs to phone manufacturers, but the consumer won’t see those savings.

Android grabs 53% of Global Smartphone Market
In a crazy and amazing world, Android has grabbed 53% of the world’s Smartphone market.  It has only been around a couple of years, and already it is dominating!  This is good news for Google and it has been pushing other companies – like Apple and Microsoft to step up their game.  I like it.  I like it a lot.

Android Has a Flaw
Although I do like Android, it certainly isn’t perfect.  Recently a flaw has been discovered if you are running anything lower than 2.3.4 where use of Public WiFi can be a major security breach.  Although I never use public WiFi at all, this is still a big deal as most phones use a custom skin and haven’t been patches to the latest version.  I run a Nexus One so I’m good to go, but almost every other phone – other than the Nexus S and Nexus One are as yet unpatched.  Until then, stay off public WiFi.

1 in 14 Downloads Are Malicious
According to Microsoft, one out of every 14 downloads are malicious software of some sort and can cause slow-downs and stability issues with your system.  While this number sounds high, let us consider that even software like a toolbar can be considered malicious.  Also as piracy for music and stuff continues to abound, there are a lot of malicious files floating in this mix as well.  Download what you should and you’ll be getting the good stuff.

Bill Gates Advocated the Purchase of Skype
If you thought the purchase of Skype was a stupid move, blame it on Bill.  He was the guy that thought it would be a good idea and advocated the purchase of Skype.  I think this was a good idea before I heard Bill had something to do with it, now I think it’s an even better idea as he still has a lot of great ideas and vision.

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