Author Topic: AMD Shows off Ryzen 2nd Gen  (Read 12161 times)

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AMD Shows off Ryzen 2nd Gen
« on: June 09, 2018, 05:38:43 AM »
AMD has been on a roll and if you've been keeping up with Computex news, they've helped Intel look really, really bad. AMD announced their Ryzen 2 line and showed off plenty of working Threadripper 2nd Gen systems running an incredible 32-core processor (64-threads). 


After the announcement, Intel quickly showed off some 28-core madness, that was cooled by industrial cooling systems. After people started laughing at them, they pulled all of the systems as clearly they just were trying to keep up with AMD and show they had something nifty as well (Spoiler: They don't). The 32-Core Threadripper is cooled by air - although it is a beefy cooler.


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