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Evercool Silent Shark CPU Cooler
« on: March 02, 2013, 08:27:27 PM »
Product(s): Evercool Silent Shark CPU Cooler
   Provided By: Evercool
   Price: $75 USD


It has been well over a year since I've had an Evercool CPU cooler on the BCCHardware test bench. The last couple products we reviewed from Evercool (Evercool Buffalo and Evercool HPL-815 Low Profile cooler) were both aimed at the budget consumer and didn't really offer much too high end enthusiast users in terms of performance. This time around we are going to look at the new Evercool Silent Shark CPU cooler which offers a high performance cooler with little different take on the ever-popular "heatpipe tower" cooler design.

The Silent Shark looks very similar to other coolers we've looked at in the past, but the one feature that really sets it apart is an adjustable 2nd fan which can be positioned to cool components like your memory more effectively. This adjustable fan allows you to adjust how much air is directly towards the memory on your motherboard, while still directing some air towards the heatsink. This is a feature that I have not seen anywhere else and it will be very interesting to see how it works.

Let's take a closer look at the Silent Shark from Evercool.

   First Impressions:   
                                                                        Box (Front)                                                                                     Box (Side)            
                                                         Front View            
                                                         Front View            
         As you can see in the first set of pictures (above), the unique ability of the Silent Shark is that its able to swing the fan a bit and allow the airflow to cool both the heatsink as well as components below (which will most likely be your memory). This is a cool feature that I have no seen on any other coolers.   
                                                                        Side View                                                                                     Top View             

The Silent Shark features a dual heatpipe tower design. This design is pretty popular and there are a few other companies that use the same design.

                                                                        Front View                                                                                    Bottom View            
         The bottom of the Silent Shark features a copper base with 6 heatpipes. As you have probably noticed in the pictures above, the Silent Shark is a big cooler in size and as a result weighs in at 1180 grams.   
                                                                        Fans Removed from Heatsink                                                                                                                                                        Fans Removed from Heatsink            
         In order to get this cooler installed you will need to remove the fans. This is very simple thanks to Evercool's design, there are 4 screws on the top that require removal and then the entire fan assembly slides right out with little effort required.   
    The Silent Shark comes with everything you will need to get this cooler installed into pretty much any recent system. You get all the brackets and screws as well as a couple 4-to-3 pin fan adaptors and enough thermal paste to get everything installed.

So there we have it, that's the Evercool Silent Shark, let's move onto the next sections to see how it performs.

   Evercool Silent Shark CPU Cooler Specifications:      All specifications taken from          Features:   • The design of the six heat pipes giant should provide adequate cooling which enhance heat dissipation effect up to 250W.   • The design of dual tower enhances heat dissipation effect.   • Special fin feature that generate outstanding vortex airflow.   • Copper-based design ensures that the CPU heat can be evenly transmitted to the heat pipes.   • HPO-12025 collaborates with Evercool exclusive Shark Fan and Silent Fan that can increase the speed of heat     conduction.   • By different angles installation, our fan enhances the motherboard component cooling performance and overclocking.   • Whole new MPCS(Multi Platform Clip System) provides great installation stability.          Specifications:
            Overall Dimension :            140 x 166 x 165 mm
            DC Fan Size :            120 x 120 x 25 mm x 2 (SSF-12 & Silent Fan)
            Heat Sink Material :            6 Heatpipes + Al Fin + Cu Base
            Bearing Type :            Ever Lubricate Bearing
            Fan Speed :            Min:800±25% Max:2200±10% RPM
            (SSF-12)1400±15% RPM (Silent Fan)
            Noise Level :            Min: