Author Topic: Merry Gearsmas Pack  (Read 732 times)

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Merry Gearsmas Pack
« on: December 18, 2016, 09:33:04 PM »
If you've been playing Gears of War 4, but have felt left out when it comes to tacky clothing, you'll be happy to know that the new Gearsmas Pack is here. That's right, you get 28 pieces of unique and nasty hardware to collect. For a mere 400 Credits, you can collect this horrible holiday swag and try and hide in a game of Capture the Leader as you glow from behind a tree.

   On top of all the new customization items to add to your collection, there’s also new ways to play! Snowball Fight is a brand new special event that features the first custom holiday weapon for Gears of War 4 – the Snowshot. This icy looking Boomshot that fires Snowballs which, in true Gears fashion, still gibs enemies! 

   Source: Xbox

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