Author Topic: Jay-Z's Tidal May Have Not been All That Honest  (Read 593 times)

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Jay-Z's Tidal May Have Not been All That Honest
« on: January 22, 2017, 04:22:21 PM »
There are a host of music streaming services these days and some have big-money backing them, and other's do not. Often when a big player throws their name behind a brand, it can really take off. That's what we were led to believe was happening with Tidal. They claimed over 3 million subscribers and were considered to be a roaring success. The truth is they have 1.2 million and aren't actually doing all that well. So what if they were off by 1.8 million. It's not like they were claiming 3.6 million users.

   “In April 2016, one month after [a] press release issued by the company claiming three million members, Tidal made payments to the record labels for around 850,000 subscribers,” reads a translation of the report provided to Digital Music News. “The figure reported internally by Tidal in April is 1.2 million subscribers.”Source: Fortune

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